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Tomb Raider is a action game with adventure stories created by Crystal Dynamics studio. In the title layer, the title is a prequel to the events described in the other adventures of Lara Croft’s adventures. Players have a chance to meet the youth of the main character who, after the crash of a research vessel, is trying to survive on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan. Tomb Raider is the latest addition to the classic action-packed adventure game series. The whole was developed by the Crystal Dynamics studio – the same one that created the three previous episodes of the cycle – Anniversary, Legend and Underworld.


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Description of the game

The game is a reboot of the series and thus allows you to become a young Larva Croft before becoming a famous adventure hunter. The action begins when a massive storm shatters a research vessel belonging to her and her heroines land on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan. The main theme is this time of survival in a wild and hostile environment. In this episode, our heroines play both hunter and game roles for the island creatures. This is combined with the new brutal combat mechanics, allowing for dynamic clashes and more emphasis on the various uses of available weapons. arc. To survive, players must use everything they have at hand, and ropes, hooks, and machetes found on the way will prove essential when exploring the game world. An additional attraction is the new mobility system, allowing for almost all possible moves that will come to our minds. The Tomb Raider series has always been famous for its platforming elements and the latest release has significantly raised the bar on this issue. Tomb Raider breaks with the linearity of its predecessors and offers one large open and dynamically changing world that is divided into a number of smaller locations unlocked as the story progresses. The novelty in the series is also introducing a character development system by splitting skill points and the ability to create items from various items found during exploration of the island. For the reboot of the series, the automatic aiming system was abandoned and replaced with a completely new one, in which the player himself has to track down opponents and fire.

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Story of game

Talking about the legitimate restoration of famous brands is one of the hotter in our industry. Just remember the controversial article by Patricia Purczynski Thousands of faces, hundreds of mirages … On the questionable legitimacy of the metamorphosis of icons and statements of our community under him, to say that in this issue a large part of the players have a very categorical sentence. Every reboot is widely commented long before it sees the light, and its premiere even warms up the emotions. This happened with last month’s DmC: Devil May Cry and probably will now be with a refreshing Miss Croft. Only that when the restart is as successful as the latest Tomb Raider download does not make sense if it was necessary or necessary. As was the case with Dante, Lara was properly rejuvenated. We know it not as a fearless scholar of lost cultures, but a talented but also a modest student invited to take part in the expedition of the famous archaeologist. But when the expedition ship sinks off the mysterious island inhabited by worshipers of forgotten worship, the girl goes through a quick and brutal survival course. In the first minutes of the land constant heroine countless times falls, falls, cuts and bleeds from numerous wounds. After all, it is not much better, and for all the suffering of the main heroine is looking at a mixture of compassion and horror. Crystal Dymnamics graphic designers have made every effort not to escape us any detail whether we want or not. The naturalistic depiction of the main character’s drama, though unpleasant at times, is at the same time helpful in understanding her attitude later on in the adventure. We almost feel every fall, bruise and wound, so it is easy to accept the transformation of an innocent girl into a determined woman who will do absolutely everything to survive and save her friends. To witness this evolution from game to hunter is a fascinating experience and creates an extremely strong bond between Lara and the player. Also the other members of the expedition, except for one exception, really enjoy themselves, but the plot was constructed so that they are only a background for the young Crofton and no one of this form will remember for a longer time.

The beginning of the saga Tomb Raider deserves a unique scenery and the island where the events take place is fulfilling, while being both captivating and threatening. The legendary kingdom of Yamatai was here centuries ago, as witnessed by impressive monuments, temple complexes and caves in chapel-chapels. Almost every step we can find traces of antique civilization, and new discoveries are made with a genuine pleasure. Unless it is a cave full of human remains with gutted bodies hanging from the ceiling. The creators will not spare us and such views, which effectively convince that the paradise island hides many dark secrets. Ancient buildings and piles of corpses are not the only ornaments on the Yamatai. Also remember to remember souvenirs from the Second World War, such as ruined bunkers and wrecks of military aircraft. Finally there are the primitive villages of the present inhabitants. Amazingly, these elements fit together and look very credible – from the high mountains of temples to the houses built from the remains of bombers and corrugated sheets. If you add to it the wonders of nature in the form of narrow ravines, breathtaking waterfalls and dense forests, we have a full picture of what the island has to offer. It also becomes clear what Yamatai does not offer – security. Well, it turns out that Lara soon comes into possession of the first weapon, or bow. The girl’s statement shows that she already had the opportunity to use it, but nothing obstructs her to recall the learned movements in the fauna here and there. Not for a moment we are not forced by the game to hunt, soon on our way will find targets much more dangerous than deer and rabbits. Our weapons prove to be a reliable tool for the extermination of enemies, because the cleverly placed crotch usually quietly and effectively ends the life of the followers of bloody worship. The whistling arrow also works very well as a diversion. Intrigued opponents begin to look nervously while we sneak behind their back. At such moments, the arm of the bow changes into an effective tool for strangulation.

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