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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an exploration adventure game in a dark climate created by the Polish studio The Astronauts, which consists of former People Can Fly employees. We play in the supernatural abilities of detective Paul Prospero, who in search of abducted boy Ethan Carter gets the lead on the case of mysterious murders taking place in a picturesque valley in the USA. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an original adventure game created by the team from the Warsaw studio The Astronauts, led by the well-deserved Adriana Chmielarz.


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Description of the game

The title is the developer’s first project, which came about after Chimera and several of his colleagues left the People Can Fly studio in the US Epic Games. The sources of inspiration for the creators of the production were the weird fiction work, pulp horror and horror stories from the beginning of the last century. The driving axle of history is the title mysterious disappearance of Ethan Carter, a little boy who is most likely kidnapped by unidentified perpetrators. Paul Prospero, a private detective with paranormal abilities, is on his quest to find the main hero of the game. Following in his footsteps, he travels to Red Creek Valley, a beautiful mountain valley in the Midwestern United States, where Ethan’s hulking bodies are massacred. With the help of modern detective tools and his own abilities, the hero must unravel the dark mystery of the murders and learn the fate of the lost child.

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Story of game

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter offers a vast, open world for free and unexplored exploration. It is an important part of the game, rewarding players with additional snippets of investigation and a general storyline. The game does not carry our hand – there are no display targets or indicators showing where to go. The player himself has to discover further pieces of the puzzle and combine them into a logical whole. It is worth bearing in mind that although the Red Creek Valley is picturesque, here we are dealing with a rather somber place, and the adventure is accompanied by a dark atmosphere, which can often give the player a shiver on his back. However, the hero can not die in the course of the game, so there is no need to fear any danger. As for the adventures, a lot of original solutions were used here. When we get to the important part of the puzzle, we do not hear the voice of the hero explaining what we found, but we see a single key word popping up on the screen representing the detective’s mind – like “fresh animal, pure earth, a few days, an accident” To the stain of blood. The aforementioned supernatural talent of the protagonist is also supported. Paul Prospero inter alia communicates with the deceased, watches visions, and also passes through portals, after which he sees alternatives or past versions of reality. In this way, we get help, for example, in finding the objects needed to explain riddles. When we finish collecting clues, we reproduce the chronological sequence of events, numbering the frozen scenes, shown in the game world. The title is powered by the Unreal Engine 3 engine, which adds new elements and technologies to the game. This resulted in the creation of a beautiful, almost photorealistic world. This is also a contribution to a technique known as photogrammetry – it involves the accurate processing of real-world imagery into digital locations.

Even before the premiere, one could expect that Adrien Chmielarz’s new play will not be one of the longest. Actually, visiting the Red Creek Valley, solving all the puzzles and finding the last stopover scene, is a busy one for about five hours. So why does the review appear “only” today? I admit sincerely that Ethan Carter’s disappearance was a joke for me, more difficult than the ones we find in the game. I had to sleep with her to find the answer. Let’s make the whole thing easier for me to estimate the production of The Astronauts. We play Paul Prospero, a detective dealing with mysterious cases of crime, involving supernatural forces and phenomena. We appear in the charming Red Creek Valley, located somewhere in a remote area in the Midwestern United States, where young Ethan Carter lives and tries to find out “what happened?”. We quickly realize that in the valley, the evil of the books H.P. Lovecrafta. Further murders and puzzles are solved by searching for related objects and scenes – the victim needs a murder weapon, a blood-stained inscription, and so on. Then Paul Prospero arranges the excerpts of the event to be chronological correct. It’s just one kind of puzzles – there are more of them, the whole game is full of moments where the brain is functioning properly and the eyes are wide open. Already at the very beginning the game informs that “he will not lead his hand”. And in fact, this is the only message that the creator sends us. No tutorials or hints, we have to learn everything ourselves and go through the difficulties ourselves. On the one hand, it is good, because it does not completely distract us, we can completely absorb the atmosphere that is in the Red Creek Valley.

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