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A new version of the extremely popular independent game, created by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsel. The production of the title corresponds to Nicalis studio. The creators have introduced a new graphic design, cooperation mode and expanded the game with completely new elements. The Binding of Isaac: Rebrith is an expanded and modified version of the popular independent game, which is modeled on the first part of The Legend of Zelda series and its derivatives. The original version of The Binding of Isaac was built in Flash and was released on PC in September 2011.


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Description of the game

It was the work of only two people – Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsel. McMillen is known for his work on the Super Meat Boy platformer, which stormed the hearts of fans of the genre in 2010. Responsible for the creation of Rebrith the creators entrusted to the studio Nicalis, specializing in similar projects. Developers have created a new engine, abandoning the restrictions that Flash has brought with them, and introducing a number of new features and improvements. The plot of the game is based on the biblical story of Abraham and the testimony God gave him when he ordered him to sacrifice Isaac’s son. In The Binding of Isaac: Rebrith players play a little boy and hide from danger in the basement of the house, which turns out to be a nightmare labyrinth of demons and creatures of the worst nightmare. The basic gameplay model has not changed from the original version of The Binding of Isaac. Players move through the randomly generated maze of chambers, creating levels that end in a boss battle. During exploration we come across a variety of items that affect the hero’s stats. Individual levels may also include shops, hidden treasure rooms, and other secret locations that require repeated play to be discovered. The Binding of Isaac also plays a role in interactions with the environment. Bombs will blow us up on the road of obstacles or enemies, using the keys we will open numerous chests and doors to secure rooms. Over time, we will also unlock additional characters, different strengths and bonuses available when starting a new game with them.

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Story of game

Issac is a young boy living in a cottage on a hill with his mother. Welsh they are calm and full of love life, by the time. One day, Isaac’s mother heard a voice from heaven telling him to kill his son with toys and clothes because he was living in sin. That’s how it happened. But it was not over, because another order was to shut the baby up in the empty room. The finale is even worse, Isaac is about to die. Her mother-in-law pulled out a kitchen knife and began to walk slowly to Isaac’s room. Seeing through the hole at the door, the victim came to seek the escape route. Suddenly, from the basement, the door opened, the only way out of this chilling vein in the veins of the situation … So I present the plot of the game, simple, strange and psychedelic. However, this is a small beer compared to the game itself. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is an improved version of the 2011 game, so many aspects of the game are refreshing. For those who have not had a chance to get acquainted with Isaac earlier, this is a rogualike, a game in which every new adventure starts in random locations with only one life. Isaac is hellishly tough, but also gratifying and disgusting. We start the game by default with the title character, but after doing the right tasks we can guide other characters. Our destiny is revenge on the mother or death. We are always waking up in the same room, which explains simple controls, but what we find behind the door is a lottery. One thing is certain – it will not be good; Everything that runs, crawls, drives and years wants to kill us, and in the most ingenious ways. There are plenty of adversaries here, with more than a hundred types, and at the end of each floor there will be a boss fight. We are defending ourselves with … tears, at least in the beginning. On the levels we can meet, as I mentioned, enemies, bosses, but also shops, contracts with the devil, mini-bosses, casinos, prize and arena rooms. We can also slightly affect the environment with bombs. As you can see, it is really different here.

Our Isaac changes with time – he finds various modifiers of life, speed, tears, and can also meet small companions in the form of dead fetuses, for example. As a result, it becomes increasingly powerful, but enemies also do not idle. Ba, even the surrounding environment is trying to kill us with spikes, fire and other obstacles. Oh, the objects here are roughly over four hundred and fifty. Nice number, what’s wrong? The game is very controversial, abortion, antichrist or bouncing around the heap is on the agenda, but all this translates into an amazing climate. This production is not boring and wants to go back to it. Rebirth has also added collaborations on one computer / console. Not only that, the game also received a new engine that supports the game at sixty frames per second, so it looks phenomenal. We will also find much larger rooms here, which will certainly diversify the gameplay. A thorough redevelopment has also passed the game interface, of course for the better. And finally I got support for the rains. Graphic design was turned back to the era of the split pixel, but in confrontation with flash graphics wins the first, and with a great advantage, special congratulations for lighting and shadows. Also new music and sounds have been added, which as before are phenomenal and stand at the highest level. This chorus at the beginning! In summary it is the best rougelike for years, in terms of gameplay, content, graphics and audio, in everything! Fans of this type of games recommend, although you probably already have it long ago.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Game full version

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