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A funny platformer in which we control the title piece of meat. Our unconventional hero must save his man, passing over hundreds of extremely varied and difficult levels. Super Meat Boy is a very specific arcade production based on the online free mini-game called Meat Boy. We play the title character of the Meat Boy, which is a small, animated and constantly bleeding piece of meat. Our hero embarks on a dangerous journey to perform a very important task. He must save his bride, kidnapped by the ruthless genius of Dr. Fetus’s crimes.


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Description of the game

By guiding the action of such untypical characters we visit a number of incredible locations: a sawmill, a salt factory and even hell itself. The creators have created an extremely dynamic and demanding platformer that will satisfy all fans of this genre. Our hero moves in a specific way – perhaps for example to bounce off walls and thus climb high altitude. The authors have prepared more than 100 unique levels for a single player, in which, besides difficult puzzles, numerous traps and many arcane challenges, we also have to face powerful bosses. The campaign was divided into 6 chapters. Super Meat Boy contains many hidden and additional items to unlock and find. The audiovisual fixture of the product presents rather humorous approach – the hero is a bloody beefsteak, so during his feats profusely bleeds. The authors have worked out a number of graphic elements, including lighting.

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Story of game

Blood, meat, lady rescue in oppression and … felicity fetus in a jar? The creator of The Binding of Isaac likes disturbing motives. After five years, one of the best independent Super Meat Boy platformers landed on Sony consoles. Worth giving a meat boy a chance? The independent gaming market exists just to give everyone a chance to try as a developer. For a few hundred poor productions there are rarely real gems and such was the flashy Meat Boy of 2008, which two years later became a full-fledged game with the prefix “Super”. At the beginning of last year I even included this title in the list of 10 turkeys that should appear on the PlayStation. And finally we have it, although in a slightly modified form. But about it in a moment. Super Meat Boy is a real hardcore platformer and it does so through a challenging level without having to signal your old school style retro style. We play here a piece of meat whose beloved Bandage Girl was kidnapped by Dra Fetus. Having a fetus in the jar as the main evil, they are not surprised by the swirling blades of the boards or the bosses of the pile … pile – exactly humanoid feces named Brownie. If you were playing The Binding of Isaac, you know that McMillen games are pretty repulsive. But that’s their charm.

The game consists of slightly more than three hundred levels, half of which are harder versions of the basic boards and some hidden parts of the game. In theory, the vast majority can be counted in a few dozen or so seconds, but inhuman reflexes and precision are required, especially at later levels. The controls only include arrow / analog, jump and run, and on the boards we do not find complex gadgets or special characters changing gameplay rules. We can run, jump and bounce off the walls – to the pain straight ahead, yet the simplicity makes the game so difficult. We just have to run between obstacles to our beloved but without the perfect sense of Meat Boy moves we will not be able to win. Every mistake is solely our fault. On the boards you will find patches as roleplayers and multi-level alternate challenges of Warp Zones with the style of popular indie games. All this unlocks bonus characters with slightly different controls, among which guest appearances include, among others. Spelunky heroes, Castle Crashers and Machinarium. Very ingenious and demanding, perfectly complementing the entire production. When discussing an audiovisual setting, you need to divide the topic into two parts. Graphically it is nice – the game is five years old, but then it was at a simplicity, which was not particularly old, and by the way, it looks better than the power of the indian pixel. It is a good idea to have a bloody trail left behind by the hero on every surface he goes through. Thanks to that we have as such an insight into the previous attempts with the same board repeated. It is also worth adding that the next approach after death is fast – restart is a matter of blink of an eye. Do not be afraid of death, rather treat it as a natural order or even a lesson for the future. And when you go through the board turns on the replay, at which all our attempts at all. Several Meatboys move in one direction, with only one coming to the finish line. Fantastic bajer.

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