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Stellaris is a real-time space strategy developed by Paradox Development. This production allows players to unfettered exploration of the enormous size of the stellar system as well as set up their own empire and follow one of several available paths of technological development. Stellaris is a real-time real-time PC strategy developed by Paradox Development, the creators of the Europa Universalis series and the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings series. This production allows players to freely explore the huge, unique, space-based worlds in which all star systems are created in a procedural manner.


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Description of the game

The advantage of such a solution is undoubtedly the enormous diversity of the implemented world and the fact that every next expedition aimed at discovering something new can bring unexpected results. The game allows you to create your own, intergalactic empire. We can choose among seven playable races that differ in terms of ethics, appearance and unique skills. The development of our specific “kingdom” is driven by three major technological trends: society, engineering or physics. Our choice defines in what direction our researchers will follow. During play we also have the opportunity to initiate alliances with other powers using advanced diplomacy as well as launching wars against alien communities. There is also the possibility of creating our own spaceships with the appearance we define. In the Stellaris, players have the opportunity to meet all kinds of civilizations – friendly or preferring battle, mature and already falling as well as those quite young, which is similar to ours. In the game we find thousands of celestial bodies, so the possibilities of expansion and development are enormous. The whole is complemented by a climate and detailed visual setting, thanks to which the expeditions into the interstellar space make quite a impression.

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Story of game

Stellaris had their premiere a month too early, looking so historical. The game was released on 9th May and it is a pretty neat date, though devoid of any deeper connotations. However, if Paradox Interactive was still waiting for a month, it could set a premiere on June 8th, and it would have a very cool tone as a link to the anniversary of the first Viking invasion of the Lindisfarne monastery, considered to be the beginning of the era of harsh Nordic warriors scaring the coasts of Europe. What does this have to do with Stellaris though? Only that, just like the Vikings at the time, they showed who would be the boss in those neighborhoods for the next century with a hook, so now it was not Swedish, Paradox showed his game, who would rule 4X in the foreseeable future. I’m sorry for the upcoming Endless Space 2. I’m very sorry about the remake of Master of Orion from Wargaming, which is due for release soon. Although you are not yet, you are already past. Vikings have come, kicked butts and now they will be in charge here. Here, in space. Stellaris is so short of Europa Universalis with planets instead of provinces and various starfish crustaceans, molluscs or right mammals instead of French, Germans and Turks. This is not a shortcut to the correct end, because although many Stellaris mechanisms derive from earlier Paradox games, there are even more known solutions from the Master of Orion, the Sword of the Stars and Endless Space, the 4X classics, the old and the modern ones as well. But the distinguishing feature of Stellaris is the deepening of the gameplay in the economic, social, political, and general direction of all who are not directly involved in space battles and conquests. And that already smells of Universalis heavily, even if at the beginning of the game we only have one planet, a couple of ships, and the development of technology for colonizing alien worlds is just before us.

The first two isks of the four, ie exploration and expansion, are the best part of the Stellaris. And at the same time the best two iks in the whole genre, from its inception up to now. What not to say about the rest of the game, this one simple truth can not be denied. Paradox has the best minds, the most exciting and the most significant issues in discovering new planets and stretching them. Mainly because so much is going on during this galaxy research going on. In a normal 4X game we just find planets that are fit to live right away or just in time. Once upon a year Russia will find some curiosity, but also associated with the planets usually. And that’s all. And here? Here we are happy as children even when we get to a mineral-rich asteroid. Or a pulsar over which our scientists will drool. Or for any pre-cosmic civilization we can explore from orbit. Or on the race almost conscious people who, thanks to the small genetic manipulation and master indoctrination we can change into hard-working slaves, on the shoulders of which we will build our decadent starry empire. And I’m not even talking about the various anomalies that will find our valiant researchers in the void. They often lead to multi-step, pleasantly, but not intrusive, fabulous missions. During this time, we will have to make difficult decisions to add. For a long time I wondered whether, after finding the records of the true gods of the human race, pass them on to the public as a new revelation, sell the corporations for fatigue, or hide and close the key, for in all my militaristic and materialistic character of my civilization I did not want Change to religious fanaticism. Especially the neighbors could be offended, and relations were tensed anyway.

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