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A three-player RPG action game, set in relatively dark pirate climates. We swim in separate areas of the Caribbean, seeking revenge on the murderers of his family, and in the meantime we are engaged in sea battles, white duels, trade, treasure hunts, etc. Raven’s Cry is a third-person action RPG game that takes on the theme of marine walks and pirate duels. In many ways, it resembles the second installment of the Risen cycle, but has also been enriched by sea battles involving sailing ships. At the beginning of this production was dealt with by the Finnish Octane Games team, but with time the game’s development was transferred to the Polish studio Reality Pump, Earth and Two Worlds series.


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Description of the game

Adventure takes place in the Caribbean in the early 18th century. We play the life of the pirate Christopher Raven. A young man survived a pirate attack in which his parents died. YEARS later the heroes vows revenge on the torturers and decides to track them down. The creators led the story seriously, so the story-based story has little to do with the satirical approach of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The action takes place in the eastern Caribbean basin, which has been broken up into relatively large locations. Port Royale and Santo Domingo – but also inhabited by wild tribes treasure islands and other areas. The creators have tried to differentiate the activities the player undertakes in the course of the game. Most of the time we direct the hero directly, watching events from a third person perspective, and engage in a variety of tasks, major or minor. The variety of activities in land missions is quite large – they often end up fighting sabers, but there are also shortcomings in which we only talk to independent heroes or sneak in areas beyond urban development.

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Story of game

Reality Pump is a studio that has a really successful title – a series of Two Worlds RPGs and a series of RTSs starting at Earth 2140. And all are rated very high – the average is 8 – 8.5 / 10. If their works get such notes, Raven’s Cry would have expected fireworks. They have plans for Two Worlds III and although this is anecdotal info, I sincerely hope this is true. Why? Because Raven’s Cry is so weak that posting a majority of the team to work on another project is the only reasonable explanation. And it’s not just that it’s full of bugs. To understand the whole situation, it must be known that Raven’s Cry was not originally a game of Reality Pump – Poles took over from the Finnish developer, Octane Games. Apparently they have thrown out quite a bit of content, so the responsibility for the project falls mainly on the native creator. And there will be no translation that a few years ago the game would not be so bad – we have 2015, and Steam wishes for it almost as much as GTA V. The first thing that struck me in the beginning was a crash. He crashes me to the desktop twice during the first cut-scene, and then again before even the menu was able to show. The next hour is to save every minute because the program stopped working 13 times, which is slightly less often than once every four minutes. I thought it did not bode well, but you can not easily surrender. Then it was a bit better, but right now I was caught in the eyes of really poor graphics. Maybe I’ll try differently – generally average, but not strikingly by 2015. The next few minutes pass, more problems are shown: dialogues disappear, sometimes the audio is missing, and sometimes you even hear how the program modulates the voice of the characters, because my character starts talking so low bass that seems to play some demon in the horror.

This is unfortunately not the end of the slip. Models overlap both during cutscenes and the game itself, which in the fight can not only look comical, but also cause a loss. In the era of muskets and rock pistols, one shot is enough to kill someone – including the main character. Although as I progressed, I changed my weapon twice, because there were no better options. Raven’s Cry has no choice in terms of clothing, but it’s not the worst yet. Well, Reality Pump has decided that it will not be possible to seize the captured ships – the decision is limited to sinking or releasing. Yes, as a pirate I could not take and sell in the nearest port “honestly” of a seized ship. The story is not the worst, but the originality does not knock it down – as Captain Raven you have to get revenge for the brutal slaughter of your family. Staying on the pirate theme, an almost identical plot, though not so extensive, had a remake of Sid Meier’s Pirates! Perhaps it would be better to feel it if the audio was not weak. It is advisable to forgive the fact that Raven’s Cry has no polonization, even subtitles, but seldom the footsteps, the background sounds are singly played. Typically, one type of sound is also dominant, such as the sound of a storm – the rest is either muted or not added at all. The exception is the music that plays during all journeys, but it does not eliminate the feeling of playing in the void anyway. Coming back to the matter for a while, the cutscenes, which in theory seemed to build a sense of bond with the main character are too rigid, the dialogue is striving for dramaticity and trying to take over the action, but … it is completely out. Erotic scenes were supposed to leave a bit of imagination, but I cried with laughter when, while visiting a prostitute, the hero was panting like a boar in a cage, and his companion screamed wildly. And, sorry, during the “cheerful” animation, a candlestick fell on the bedside table beside the bed. The witcher will tire.

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PC Downloaden Game

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