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Overcooked is a PC game developed for PCs. The player controls a cook who must prepare a variety of dishes on time. The realization of orders makes it difficult for kitchens to be placed in extreme locations, full of traps and moving parts. We can play alone or in multiplayer mode, allowing for both competition and cooperation with other people. Overcooked is a Windows PC based culinary action game released. The production was developed by the Ghost Town Games studio and released by Team 17.


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Description of the game

The action takes place in a comedic alternative reality, known as the Onion Kingdom, which is on the brink of extinction when the ancients come. Fortunately, this nasty creature can eat – only in this way can mankind survive. However, the cooks are needed to cook the beasts, and they are trying to become the heroic players. We are faced with a series of difficult challenges in kitchens serving a diverse but always impatient clientele, which will allow us to gain the skills needed to save the world. Released for PC platform Windows Overcooked is an action game in which we observe events in an isometric view. Our task is to prepare the food, which requires strict adherence to the recipe and delivery of appropriate ingredients to the correct place in the kitchen. The pace of the game is very fast and even a short delay in completing each stage of the recipe can destroy the entire dish or make the customer lose patience. The level of difficulty is further subdued by the fact that in most kitchens we find many traps and moving parts, between which we must deftly maneuver.

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Story of game

While playing, we have the opportunity to test our culinary talents in many quirky locations such as the pirate ship, the demons in hell, the frozen lake or the center of the race track, where we are forced to maneuver between speeding lorries. All of this we can enjoy alone or during multiplayer. Multiplayer allows up to four people to play together; They can face both the cooperative tasks and the challenges that force the rivalry between cooks. The game was made in full 3D. Overcooked graphics are relatively straightforward, but thanks to the humorous, cartoon style the whole is quite attractive.¬†Undoubtedly the most delicious culinary failure is the culprit, and if someone thinks otherwise does not deserve to call him a man. While overcooked, we do not bake and cook, but the team’s potential for loosening party games seems to be high. Did Overcooked come out al dente or was it overcooked? Let’s have a taste. Overcooked has written and recorded them already Nitek so if you prefer horse munching with a smiley-chick Bei then I highly recommend the material Overcooked – where cooks four. The simple rules are the best in the kitchen and in the game, so since the overcooked, I was happy because the game has control over two buttons. It is interesting that the creators have also predicted the possibility of playing two people on one.

Will fall. Frenzy and good vibration already at the start, and the dab starts to shine. Overcooked is definitely not a single player position – unless someone can play two for one controller. Zez divergent indicated. Of course, with a little practice you will be able to complete all the stages with maximum rating, but any record can not be beaten. In the age of games without a campaign, I look at you Battlefield, perhaps the fact that Overcooked has it. The story may not knock, but it is and is a funny background for our culinary struggles. In the game we play, we and every other player, cook and well, we cook. More precisely, we transfer components, we treat them mechanically and only at the thermal end. Sounds banal, but we do it on time, and orders made by customers are completely random. At each stage we also have to deal with another kitchen layout so mastering all the logistics in a group of players leads to many funny situations. There is also the issue of typing on the dishwasher A at Us on the Simulator Islands 2016 and scorching food that leads to fires, and somebody must extinguish it after all. In all stages we have a time limit, rather shorter than a long one so the gameplay is dynamic and the parties are not over-stretching. In the group of party people, this separation for 2-3 minutes will be excellent, not to discourage the repetition, which will be frequent. Each stage you need to first know how much we care about turning off any results. This seems to be a great recipe for a laid back party game and in fact it is. Unfortunately, there are also aspects of Overcooked, which neither me nor my partner to the coop did not fall into the taste. The creators decided to make their production surprising by adding different kinds of obstacles in the form of changing board games, such as moving kitchen counters on board a pirate ship or a rising part of the room – probably by a quake. On the first contact it makes a smile, but with each subsequent stage this becomes tiresome and discourages the game. At least we were discouraged until the irritation reached the critical level and we did not want to continue playing anymore.

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