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Action game in climates survival horror, which combines solutions known from the Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge. Available to get open world with dynamic day and night cycles, having a significant impact on the game. Dying Light is an action game with open world, kept in the atmosphere of survival horror. The title developed Polish studio Techland. It is a peculiar mix of Dead Island, the production of the same team, and Mirror’s Edge from the creators of the Battlefield series. The game was shown from a first-person perspective.

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Description of the game

We play as a man named Kyle Crane, hitting the city of Harran, modeled on Rio de Janeiro, full of characteristic favelas. The population of the metropolis has been infected with a mysterious virus that instantly changed all the zombies. Game developers used here motif similar to that known from the movie I Am Legend, starring Will Smith in the lead role – during the day zombies are not very active, but at night they are activated more dangerous mutations. Therefore, the game is divided into two parts – when it is clear, freely exploring the surroundings, looking for raw materials and weapons, and when night falls, desperately defending themselves against aggressive horde. The Dying Light fight mutated humans primarily using edged weapons and blunt, rarely – firearms. The title offers a varied weapons from axes and machetes, the bill, and hammers and sticks ending.

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Story of game

Great emphasis was also placed on the creation of an extensive system of equipment, so we can connect seemingly useless things with your chosen weapon, reaching a damage bonus. Along with the progress in the story mode Gradually gaining experience, and a large opportunities for development as allow you to customize the skills to suit our style of play. A characteristic feature of the title is a system of movement inspired by the work of studio EA DICE – Mirror’s Edge. The hero is able to jump from building to building with grace and agility worthy of the best parkourowca. Used by the creators of the solution creates new opportunities, and thus – we can explore virtually every corner of the city, regardless of how much available we will go over the top. In turn, dynamic day and night cycle makes the gameplay is not limited only to the bloody and merciless slaughter of mutants. The Dying Light is sometimes better to get away from the overwhelming number of enemies than to stand with them face to face, especially at night, when the game environment changes beyond recognition. Hand in hand with openness goes well the dynamics of the world presented – during the game sometimes come across a random event and it depends on us whether we want to help someone, or can we avoid a possible threat. The authors foresee a lot of side quests, which are a nice break from the storyline. Dying Light operates on the sixth-generation Chrome Engine, engine generator graphic design at a high level, together with the inclusion of advanced features associated with the libraries DirectX 11. The used engine can display a huge, diverse area with visible objects in the distance and a large number of characters at the same time. We also focused on physics and animations, so that melee is very realistic, and movements as during jumping across rooftops smooth.

But let’s start traditionally, that is, from the story. Techland decided this time to abandon “sandboksowego” idea on several characters, introducing a top-down imposed form. Focus on one hero, and therefore no need for the creation of a universal script, resulting in an intriguing at first joinder history. A good idea here proves knowledge to reduce the player to an absolute minimum. Not much is known about the hero, also his client are depicted in a very casual way, nor do we have any precise knowledge of the situation in Harran. The whole has been given to us, but in a way that does not undermine the credibility of the situation. It is a pity that the story itself is perhaps not overly original, and uses many themes typical of the genre, but with its moments and a few twists. The most I liked in this respect I think early in the game when I was a little confused by ambiguous situations and reactions of the hero. Unfortunately, after this promising beginning of the story developed in an easily predictable manner, not losing so much momentum that potential. The story, though full of cripples, works so quite well, but leave some unsatisfied – here you could really “go” even more. The creators seemed to be, however – despite these fabularyzujących treatments – do not hide the fact that Dying Light is a production in which the greatest emphasis was placed on the game. A huge plus but due to the mass of great, full of allusions and references of small episodes and scenes, which we encounter during exploration. Of course Dying Light is not only the main storyline, but also quite a number of diverse side quests. These can be roughly divided into two groups – Role and challenges. The second group includes mainly two forms of activity – “cross-country” on time and the challenges associated with the fight. In short, within the time limit we have to overcome the set route or kill a certain number of zombies. The level of these challenges is reasonable – it requires complete focus and concentration and excellent knowledge of the mechanics of the game, while not forcing us to dozens of failed attempts. Additional motivation are attractive prizes: unique items, and substantial amounts of money.

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