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Tactical turn-based strategy, where players manage a paramilitary organization XCOM, struggling with alien forces who conquered Earth. Production is the sequel to the game XCOM: Enemy Unknown from 2012. The creators of the game extended with many new elements, such as randomly generated maps. XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategic and tactical on a PC, which is a direct sequel released in 2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown. For the production of both titles, based on the cult series X-COM from the 90s, the company is responsible 2K Games and Firaxis studio, well known for its work on the series Civilization.


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Description of the game

XCOM Action 2 takes place twenty years after the events of the previous XCOM, which desperately tried to fend off the alien invasion. According to the developer Firaxis, we have suffered in this fight and defeat invaders from outer space eventually enslave humanity under the guise of interracial cooperation. Hope for freedom, but not quite dead. There are still people who can not come to terms with this situation, and the remnants of the original forces paramilitary organization XCOM operate in secret and using guerrilla tactics they try to regain control of the planet. As in the previous parts of the series, is played on two levels – a layer of strategy in which we manage the development of database technology and combat takes place in real time, while the direct clash with strangers take place in rounds. XCOM organization, led by we, have limited resources and must remain in hiding. The task of the players is the development of the grid resistance and the discovery from the public the true intentions of aliens. We do this, setting off on a special mission – during which not only eliminate another threat, but we support the local resistance movements. The game has undergone some modifications – the team starts in hiding, and the field of view of opponents is now clearly marked on the map. This allows accurate planning of the first clash and surprise opponents without incurring losses.

Story of game

During the game we argue branch subordinates belonging to one of five character classes that we can further differentiate through drzewkom skills. Grenadier, specialist, marksman, hunter and agent psi differ not only accessible package of capabilities, but also equipped with what can use. The composition of the team and its equipment depends on our decisions. Players receive a wide range of technologies and equipment, which can modify according to your needs. Quite a novelty in the game are randomly generated maps, which reduces fatigue caused by repetitive sites. Improved system was also fighting and giving orders, and our disposal was given a new room that we build within our database. Interesting is also the need to perform side quests, which affects the strength and type of enemies encountered in the main missions. Like the previous part of the series of XCOM, “two” beyond the single-player campaign also offers multiplayer, where on the map rubs off two players, commanding a small team. Before the game, players get a certain number of points-of resources, for which the soldiers can choose the team, both human and alien. Points is always too little, so it is impossible to create a team consisting of the strongest warriors and you have a good think about it. In addition to the configuration of the team, you can also customize the same game mode. You can choose here the option to automatically connect to another player the opportunity to play the game ranking, after which we are thrown a particular item scoreboard, or the option of starting your own room, which can join our friend. Same clashes are the same as during the campaign – players start at different places randomly generated maps, and their goal is simply killing the enemy team.

One can not understand. In all XCOMach, since the first UFO finale it is always the same, right? We find at the end of the road to the habitat of a foreign evil, whether in the form of coordinates to the hidden base, or interdimensional gateway or simply fly on their planet. We send there hung with the best weapons and armor the best team of veterans, who makes his own, killing everything that moves, saves the Earth and in general they all live happily ever after. Yes, is not it? And this tradition, I have nothing, so it was not, a blow to the heart of the enemy makes sense. But is it really a squad of soldiers XCOM can do something you could not make a bomb? If I commanded the organization and discovered how to get to the base all the bases aliens, it surely would have sent people there. Just as many as needed to move the world’s largest bomb fusion, put behind the gate arm, wait until the last minute and come back with the knowledge that the left there radioactive wasteland stretching for hundreds of kilometers from ground zero and the same base simply vanished in the heart of an artificial sun. Elegant, safe and definitive solution, is not it? I do not know why I do not. I mean, I know the game has to be the grand finale, the last epic battle, and in general. Just so happens that in every single XCOMie in which I played when reached to the finals, it’s so much I wanted to end up, and so I had enough of these ongoing battles that really the applause would welcome option only sensible, that is just the bomb. I do not know, maybe just me. But really, every time this last, final battle, was the most boring and unnecessary throughout the game. And not unlike the XCOM 2. In this respect no different from its predecessors. Fortunately, there is also different in another matter – just as they are, it is a great game. Just a little secondary. In XCOM 2 thing is happening in the twenty years after the invasion of aliens. Do you remember the first XCOM, you remember how heroically repelled it? It just so happens that they do not repulsed. We tried, sure, but squashed us. Seriously. I know the odds a bit of reality, as we know from that game, but … it was not a reality. Already in the first scenes XCOM 2 the entire first game happens to be advanced tactical simulation, which is conducted themselves aliens in the mind of the commander of XCOM captured and used to organize their own occupation forces. Soldiers ADVENT, which is the organization that façade for the rule of extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth, are trained according to what the aliens pulled from the head of the best earthly strategist. Yes, we, in that XCOMie, virtual as it was turned out, helped them take over the world. Not bad twist, is not it? A little far-fetched, but credible enough to go over everything on the agenda, not to question the status quo and the zdwojonym eagerly take to the facts, this time the real excavation bony ass visitors from another planet. XCOM 2 has cool, guerrilla, desperate atmosphere. The game is better underpinned plots and the like more focused, more focused. We are the last defenders of humanity. We need to give advice. And we are flying only stolen base, a number of scientists and technicians, and a handful of enthusiastic newbies equipped with equipment two decades ago.

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