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The next edition of one of the most advanced aircraft simulators Laminar Research studio. In addition to the traditionally wide range of airplanes – from small avionics, through passenger aircraft to helicopters – the X-Plane 11 offers a host of new features and enhancements such as improved avionics, even more accurate, fully functional 3D dashboards, new buildings and roads, and remodeled user interfaces. . X-Plane 11 is the next edition of one of the most advanced flight simulators, which debuted in the 90s of the last century on Macintosh computers.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

The game was released on the Windows PC platform, and once again, developers from Laminar Research, affiliated with NASA’s US space agency, respond. The game has also traditionally been attended by a whole host of engineers and aviation experts, who have long held the palm of their preference for realism. In terms of game mechanics, the X-Plane 11 is in no way divergent from the tradition of the cycle, offering players the ability to control one of the broad array of civilian and military machines, including small avionics, powerful passenger aircraft and even helicopters. All models are as usual reproduced in the smallest detail, from visual elements to detailed technical data. The whole is accompanied by a myriad of configuration options that allow you to customize the gameplay with your player preferences, and with hands-on tutorials explaining the rules of flying and navigation, players will find not only simulator veterans but also beginner aviation enthusiasts.

Story of game

Like every edition of the game marked with a full digit, X-Plane 11 introduces a whole range of new features and changes to the gameplay. The game offers, among others. Improved avionics and even more refined, fully functional 3D cockpits with realistic onboard instrumentation that allow you to fly in accordance with IFR, even when weather conditions completely limit visibility from the cockpit. New buildings and roads deserve distinction, better reflecting the specific regions of Europe, as well as the more “living” airports on which various vehicles are serviced, servicing both our aircraft and machines driven by computer AI. The last major update is a completely remodeled user interface that makes handling games easier and more intuitive. Windows X-Plane 11, based on the same platform as its predecessors, though constantly evolving the graphics engine, is visually even more impressive, making use of the powerful processing power of today’s processors and graphics cards. In the audio layer, a new engine is responsible for sound effects – both airplane and environment. The whole is accompanied by traditionally functional editors, allowing you to modify maps and create your own planes.

Studio Laminar Research has announced the launch of the X-Plane beta beta test. Beta is available for those who choose to purchase the game. The creators emphasize that this is an early, buggy version, where various problems will arise – perhaps for example, not working the selected plane or the scenery will turn out to be inaccessible. You should not expect a good optimization as well. However, besides X-Plane 11, there is also a digital version of the X-Plane 10, so waiting for patches to be able to take control of various machines and fly in the previous installment of the series. Before you decide to purchase, you should also try the X-Plane 11 demo available on the official game site. In the X-Plane series players can become pilots of various planes. Thanks to the cooperation with aviation specialists, the X-Plane 11 will be very well engineered like the flight model. For fans, faithful interiors await, including fully interactive cockpits. In the latest installment of the series, new players will find extensive tutorials to make playing a lot easier.

X-Plane 11 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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