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Watch Dogs is an action game that focuses on breaking into systems that control urban infrastructure and private communication devices. This ability is used to manipulate the elements of the environment while completing missions. Watch Dogs is an action game with open, tech-savvy Chicago novels, where the most powerful weapon of the hero is hacking skills. This is the work of several studies led by Ubisoft Montreal, known for such series as Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Far Cry. For this production, a new Disrupt engine has been created to create a bustling, detailed city.


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Description of the game

We play the role of a former criminal named Aiden Pearce, an anti-hero who is an expert in breaking into electronic systems. By doing so, she can manipulate the carambola by manipulating the lights at the intersection, connect to the urban monitoring system or break into the phone of the person to learn more about it and for example to interfere with the course of her daily life. Pearce’s talents allow him to control almost every element of the modern world around him. All this is possible thanks to the presence of the Central Operational System, ctOS. The solution connects to one network infrastructure managing, among others. Power supply, urban metro, signaling and monitoring cameras. As a result, metropolises are controlled by computers owned by private companies. These corporations use their position to gather huge amounts of data about every citizen. To get control of your neighborhood, just find the local ctOS control panel and get the access codes you need.

Story of game

At the outset, I would like to point out that people who are allergic to “GTA-like” formulas are asked to understand. There is no reason for this, because – as you can easily see – both games share the same category and the nature of the gameplay is basically the same. This is a huge compliment to Ubisoft’s new work, but it is well deserved. Sure, the French may not have reinvented the wheel, but they have set up gold wheels for it already, and polished it in addition. At such moments, I begin to understand where these all decisions to postpone the release date. I am writing this review and I am still thinking about the final rating. I have serious dilemmas, because on one hand feel the momentum and fresh approach to creating sandboxes, and on the other – a few scratches, which are so hard to just skip. Let’s start with the absolute basics, so what’s going on in this game at all? And there’s a virtual Chicago, and a virtual specie named Aiden Pearce – probably the most capable hacker he has ever seen. Hakera, but also a man dedicated to his family, and in particular his sister Nicole and her son. Further feature nuance betray I will not, but I will say the family story “is strong with this one”. Returning to the protagonist, Aiden has so fast fingers that he can work out a variety of electronic objects in real time. In the blink of an eye he’s dealing with electronics and he’s not spooky at all. So at least there was a well-rounded possibility to present the game just a few months before the premiere.

I watched all of them and while optimistic Tom could not come out of admiration, all that good, skeptical Tom had some doubts. Is this whole “hacking freedom” a pure fiction? A neat marketing treatment? Now I know I do not. Even Cuba, with which I recorded a few KwaGraves for you, could not stand to admire how important hacking plays in the game. Naturally not immediately Krakow was built and the more spectacular tricks we unlock as we eat. For example, at the start, Aiden does not deal very well with the electronic opening of doors to his car and before he learns this trick he will have to knock out more than one glass, which entails the risk of paying attention to himself. But the farther into the forest, the broader spectrum of skill for our cap hats. In general, the character development system is very specific and can be overwhelmed at first. The skill tree, alarmingly similar to the virus itself, grows in many places, and sometimes it is hard to catch it all. It is only afterwards that man comes to the conclusion that everything is quite nicely segregated and on the one hand we have gun skills, hackers on the other, and other skills – driving skills. For a loving individual to produce items also has a separate twig, so the player has full freedom in the development of his robber. Like standard, but I did not see the characters from such GTA V can develop in as many directions. I wrote a “robber”, but it is not at all clear that your Aiden Pierce can not be an guardian angel. There is a reputation system in the game, so we have a very similar solution to the inFamous series. For good deeds we are rewarded, for any faults from the norm – punished badly. Initially I wanted to be only “the good one”, but before I had mastered the skillful driving model, here and there I hit a few people and my reputation immediately went head to neck. So I put everything on one card and took the path of the virtual executioner. I did not have easy because passers-by were making me pics, gossiping about me, and it was only one step to make a 997. “That’s the villain” – I heard every step and even covered his face with a mask that did not help very well.

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PC Downloaden Game

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