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Continuation of the post-apocalyptic 1988 RPG. The title develops the ideas used in the prototype and is a natural refreshing brand that has been forgotten for over 20 years. Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the original 1988 RPG, called the “mother of post-apocalyptic rolles”. The InXile Entertainment studio, which had the money to fund the production process, was brought to life by Kickstarter, where everyone could support the project. Brian Fargo, the original creator of the first Wasteland, was also involved in the development process, as well as The Bard’s Tale. The game initially went on to PCs, as well as time and engine replacement from Unity 4.5 to Unity 5, to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

Created a quarter century after the original release, the sequel takes place fifteen years after the events of the predecessor. Under the control of the player was given a unit of Desert Rangers, the only remaining survivors of the United States Army after the nuclear war put the human species on the verge of extinction. Creators have put a great deal of emphasis on the player-dependent character development and accentuate the consequences of the choices he made during his journey through post-apocalyptic wasteland. The skills we develop are also dependent on the ways in which individual missions can be performed. What’s important, the game not only allows you to personalize all team members, but also weapons or even an interface. Wasteland 2 does not follow the main trends present in today’s productions and offers players a very classic RPG. The fight takes place in the turnout system, the world and the team members watch from the air, while the wastes are merciless and do not forgive mistakes. In addition, in the game we encounter many references and borrowings to the original of 1988.

Story of game

The dialogue system in Wasteland 2 is built upon interacting with the heroes of the independent keyword library. During the conversations, their list expands with new items, which, when selected, transfer us to the subsequent conversation threads, and these provide subsequent entries to the library. The authors of the game adhere to the request of the players and every keyword has been woven into full expression. In this way, the characters we control use the whole sentence, not “throw” in one word and receive a complete answer. In the game there is a special bow for first-time lovers and retrogaming fans – players can enter their own keyword suggestions and, with a little luck, discover unique dialogue options. But this is only an interesting addition, not something that depends on further fate of the plot. The keyword library is also supplemented with new items by interacting with the environment. This means that using relevant skills related to exploration of terrain, objects, and objects in the game allows you to discover new keywords that can later be used when talking with independent heroes. NPC reactions depend on a large number of factors. Among them are: team composition, the player’s past choices, previously used keywords, player reactions to independent heroes’ questions and skills, and attributes possessed by the characters. Wasteland 2 offers a huge variety of possible dialogue resolutions that never follow the principle of “one keyword – one specific response”. Even the order in which keywords are used during conversations has a huge impact on their course. In Wasteland 2, the weapons are divided into several types, with specific uses, drawbacks and advantages. The player develops the character’s ability to use various types of weapons, which significantly affects their effectiveness and accuracy.

And here is our next, several times postponed, test Kickstarterowa collection. All the more important, in contrast to the heavily-shadowed Shadowrun, referring to indisputably cult games: Wasteland and Fallout. Including a bet, with Wasteland 2 I spent more than 140 hours, so with a clear conscience I can first say – it is radioactive. Unfortunately, unfortunately, the Geiger meter’s indexes have been able to fall down very quickly. At first place emerge evidently mood. While the Wasteland world is definitely less “fantastic” than Fallout, it has a heavily irradiated Something that makes every post-apo fan obligatory for inXile production to reach. The nuclear war-wrecked world of gaming is at the same time much closer to ours, which makes it more assimilable and easier to accept. Most important, however, that the team under the leadership of Fargo served us the world is crazy and full of paradoxes. While traveling and performing tasks, we will be dealing with very serious subjects as well as experiencing a decidedly kipparian approach to a myriad of issues. This is what I like the most, evoking a mood known even from the cult of Fallout, where the seriousness and human drama contrasted with balancing the border of absurd jokes. I honestly love that kind of, distanced approach to this type of subject matter, which W2 is almost filled to the brim. By creating some of the most important communities, a post-apo technique is used here, consisting in exaggerating – often in a caricature way – and giving characteristics that lead to certain archetypes of behavior, often antagonistic within one community. Of course, this often leads to conflicts that are usually used as a basis for tasks for the player. And although the technique itself is not sinning originality, it must be acknowledged that it has been built with truly charismatic and memorable groups that underscores the character of the game. In post-apo we’ve done almost everything and I sincerely admit that I did not expect so many originally arranged groups. Of course, in many cases, there are some inspirations (New Vegas casinos will soon find an analogy).

Wasteland 2 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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