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Dark RPG action by French studio DONTNOD Entertainment. Its protagonist is an experienced military surgeon who returns from the front of World War I with the mission of helping people and stopping the spread of the Spanish flu epidemic. On the way back, however, is bitten by a vampire. Since then he has been torn between his vocation and slowly controlling the cold-blooded nature. Vampyr on PC Windows is an open-ended dark action RPG set in the early 20th century England. The French studio developer DONTNOD Entertainment, known for such games as Remember Me and the episodic adventure Life Is Strange, is responsible for the title.


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Description of the game

The publisher of the game on the PC is Focus Home Interactive. The game moves us into the times when an epidemic of Spanish killer flu was raging in Europe, and the streets of London were full of violence and fear. We play the role of a famous Jonathan E. Reid, a respected military surgeon who returns from World War I with a mission to help ill people and find a way to stop a deadly epidemic. One day our protagonist wakes up in a mass grave and discovers that he has become a vampire. Since then, it will have to struggle not only with the plague itself, but also with its new nature of bloodsuckers and the increasing blood lust, leading to the need to make heavy moral choices. The one we kill, and who we save, can significantly affect the course of the story. In terms of mechanics we have to deal with quite typical eruption action. During the game we traverse the dark streets of London, performing a number of main and secondary tasks and talking to the independent characters encountered.

Story of game

Oftentimes, however, we face eye to eye with a lethal opponent, in this new, aggressive species of vampires that most likely appeared as a result of spanish-induced mutations. On our way are also vampire hunters, ie members of an ancient organization, again called to defend people in the face of new threats. The fight takes place in real time and we use it with bare hands and improvised white and fire weapons, as well as the typical vampire skills developed in the course of the game. Of course, as was the case with bloodsuckers, the production also did not lack such an important element as drinking blood victims. It can become absolutely any character – whether it is the opponent during the fight, or the unfortunate encountered during the exploration. We often have to make difficult decisions about which independent character will become our next target, as once eliminated disappears from the game world forever, which can make it difficult to accomplish some tasks. The creators have decided to introduce into the game sixty Londoners who have their own profile and individual characteristics and their presence affects the whole ecosystem of the city. The victim’s blood may have unexpected effects, so it’s important to get past the situation and get as much information as possible about the target.

Blood is also the equivalent of experience points, so the more we drink, the stronger the hero becomes. Drinking the blood of rats or vampire hunters also increases the experience points, but only by draining one’s life will significantly contribute to character development.┬áLondon, which we see in the game, consists of four districts. The condition of each of them gradually deteriorates due to the raging plague, so our task is also to help residents with the knowledge acquired as a physician. Killing the innocent affects the non-use of the district so you have to be sensible in your vampire activities. If the district level is over critical, there will be chaos in the area, we will lose the opportunity to trade with merchants and we will not be able to access side jobs in this area. The story presented in the game has several different endings that depend on the decisions taken during the game. Technically, Vampyr on the Windows PC platform uses the power of the advanced Unreal Engine 4 engine, which guarantees a high quality visual experience. The creators of the DONTNOD studio have managed to combine the mechanics of typical RPG action with the darkness of the epoch and the extraordinary climate of classic vampire films.

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PC Downloaden Game

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