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2.5D platform created by Coldwood. In production, we play Yarny – a creature made of yarn, which participates in an exciting adventure. His main skill is the ability to develop his body, using the resulting thread as a rope, for example. Unravel is released, among others. On PCs is a colorful logical-arcade platformer, created by the lesser-known Coldwood Interactive studio, with significant support from Electronic Arts. The game is the most ambitious project of a Swedish developer that has produced such productions as FreakOut, Skiracing, Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge and the PlayStation Move Move Fitness.


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Description of the game

In the game we play as a nice mascot named Yarna, made entirely of thick red thread. Yarny’s story line is a remake of the hero’s memories and the traces of his long-lost family. During our journey, we travel through beautiful locations, inspired by authentic places in the Nordic region of Scandinavia. The mechanics of the gameplay does not differ significantly from most platformers, combining the need to overcome the different obstacles with solving simple logic puzzles. Physics, as well as the unique abilities of a hero who can develop his fibrous body to deal with various tasks, while avoiding water drenching, play a very important role in the gameplay. Yarny can therefore attach itself to various elements of the environment, thus creating something in the shape of a bridge, suspended over the water or a deep chasm. It can also get through the river, jumping on drifting objects and using a trapped fish to act as a drive. The gameplay is shown in 2.5D, which means that while the game world is made in full 3D, our protagonist moves only in a predefined path. Unravel’s undoubted strength on PCs is its enchanting graphics, its beautifully animated water and its characteristic depth.

Story of game

Describing my first impressions with Unravel I was mostly delighted. The only downside was basically that after the first two levels I had to finish the game. Luckily, the Coldwood production break did not last long, and I was able to meet again with Yarny, a spinning mascot. Although our joint adventure lasted only about 5-6 hours, I feel enchanted. I can confidently say that as many as a year ago, many wondered the wonderful Ori and the Blind Forest, so in this number one must simply be Unravel. It’s the same type of production. Beautiful, sometimes lightly gripping heart and extremely creative. The main character of Unravel is Yarny, whose goal in a nutshell is to supplement the family album. Each mission is a period in the life of a family. So there is no shortage of idylls, vacations with young children, but also more melancholy or even killing moments. It will be noticeable even after the weather in the next levels. We start with warm periods, but with time comes autumn, and everything ends in a severe winter. Everything has one more goal – to show almost the whole of life. Unravel is, in a sense, the production of passing and remembering the most important moments. All this nicely shows the real pictures that are added to the album after each completed stage. On the game level Unravel is a platform game with a small element of character. It’s the fact that Yarny is made of yarn. This develops when he goes ahead. So you can get to the point where the character will remain the skeleton itself and will not be able to move at least a millimeter forward. At each checkpoint you can complete the yarn to go further. Usually it does not matter much, but in a few moments you had to think a little bit about how to get to the next place with the available amount of wool.

Yarny is also able to use spiderweb like spider-man spiderweb. Although both characters are completely different, but a better comparison does not come to mind. In practice, this means that our doll can handle certain objects. It is also often necessary to combine a yarn, for example, with two protruding nails to create a trampoline that will allow you to reach higher places. Another time, the bridge is built in the same way, after which you can move an object. This mechanic is the main element of the Unravel gameplay, and often happens quite often. Boredom and monotony, however, I did not complain. In addition to the arcade elements in the game there are a lot of logic puzzles. Usually these are less complicated puzzles related to the need to move one item from place to place or overcome an obstacle. Sometimes, however, Yarny goes to a location where the problem is a bit more complicated and more time is needed to solve it. Initially, this does not cause problems, but I’ve already taken a few places in the third level. This is by far the least interesting stage, consisting mainly of logical puzzles. I had fun when Unravel turned into a more traditional platformer focused on arcade elements and overcoming obstacles. The riddles were shorter and simpler, and so the gameplay was much smoother. Unravel is not a production that requires monkey skill. On the contrary, often more depends on what you are getting and how you should do it. Then the realization itself is relatively little complicated. This does not mean, however, that the Coldwood team has created a straightforward game. Some logic puzzles require more effort and the skill elements themselves neatly balance the boundary between “trivial” and “too difficult”. There have been places where I have been dying more often, but usually the key to success has been finding the right way to overcome an obstacle or a little more patience. Unravel has a few places where I think I’ve died too often, but that does not change the fact that it’s a very well-balanced production. Unfortunately, this is not standard in platformers. If you were playing at the great Little Big Planet you surely remember that at times Media Molecule production was just annoying.

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PC Downloaden Game

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