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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Download game

An unusual battle field simulator in which players can face opposing armies. The range of available units is wide – includes not only historical knights and soldiers, but also fantastic creatures like trolls and orcs and even penguins and chickens. As the title suggests, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a battlefield simulator developed by the independent studio Brilliant Game Studios. Production has been released on the Windows PC platform. The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator allows you to simulate massive clashes that can involve tens of thousands of units. Although the number of soldiers recommended at the same time on the screen is ten thousand, the owners of sufficiently powerful computers can face even more powerful units.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

The whole was covered with a solid dose of specific humor, manifested primarily in the people we put on the fight. On the battlefield there may be warriors of varying degrees. Their wide range is open by Roman centurions, medieval knights, Spartans and Persians. On this, however, extensive compilation does not end – in the skirmishes can participate also orcs and trolls, and even Santa Claus, penguins and chickens. Each unit has a unique type of attack and although it may seem that in some configurations one side of the conflict has a clear advantage over the opponent, nothing is here. Combats are played in a variety of environments – from winter scenery, mountain tops and desert to green meadows. Presented events can be viewed from any perspective, allowing for greater insight into the course of the encounter. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator on Windows PC platform runs on Unity technology. The engine has undergone a variety of modifications, which allowed us to maintain a relatively high quality three-dimensional graphic design with an impressive number of units visible simultaneously on the screen. The whole is complemented by a dynamic lighting system and full details of the sound layer – the battles are accompanied by realistic shoutouts of warriors, as well as the distinctive sounds of the animals taking part in them.

Story of game

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, an interesting project in which we can create any battle, and then lead in it, hit Steam. If you were wondering who would better deal with the thousands of zombies, legions of Roman legionaries, or American marines, you would only check here. We are talking about a game that was created by an individual. As part of the Unity engine, it has created a crowd-generated system that will bring up to 100,000 of models on the screen. In the gallery you will find screenshots of this interesting production, and below one of the official gameplay.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a strategic sandbox that gets green light in Steam Greenlight. On the video below you can see a siege of 25,000 soldiers. The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is designed to offer gamers enormous freedom. A thousand legionnaires against five thousand zombies? No problem. Viking army against the platoon of American marines? Here you are. It sounds interesting? Below is a link to Steam Greenlight, and there are even more materials and information on the project. Below you can see yet another battle in Epic Battle Simulator.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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