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Total War: Attila is an epic strategy that takes place in the end of the Roman Empire. The game is divided into black power management and real-time battle. The game is much more difficult than its predecessors and requires not only fighting the hordes of barbarians, but also dealing with famines, population revolts, and atrocities. Total War: Attila is a large-scale strategy that combines the Empire’s turnaround management with real-time battles. The production has been developed by the Creative Assembly studio, which is the author of all previous cycle views.


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Description of the game

More than eighty years before the fall of the western Roman Empire and the beginning of the Middle Ages, allowing for a truly fascinating and rarely used game in history. The campaign is focused on a relatively short, at least to the standards of the series, the time interval, but it does in much more detail. Among the playable factions were the greatest powers of the period, with both the fallen Roman Empire, the young kingdoms of Franks and Saxons, and the numerous tribes of nomadic barbarians, to the nomadic Huns and the oriental Sassanid Empire. Thanks to the diversity of the starting situation and the conditions of the victory, each faction is different, so that Attila will find something for both the beginner and the real challenge veterans of the cycle. Just like previous cycles, Total War: Attila is a mix of RTS and Turquoise. In real time we play giant battles in which thousands of soldiers can take part.

Story of game

On the other hand, there is a strategic layer that requires us to take care of the economic, military and technological development of our subjects and diplomatic relations. At the same time, the authors have introduced a number of new solutions that fully reflect the military, social and religious turmoil of those times. Fans will also appreciate the return of the family tree that was lacking in Rome II, giving us the opportunity to plot, appoint officials, manage families and deal with specific citizens. In addition, mortal threat has become a plague, and if we do not keep cities clean, their populations will soon be victims of various plagues. Diseases can also bring hostile armies into the civilization centers during clashes and sieges. Forcing players to station their armies in cities and camps during the winter, or to stock up on climate change in Europe at the time. General cooling resulted in worse yields and resulted in regular famine. In contrast, the battles add to the clever use of fire, and the improvements to the engine make it realistic to spread and absorb buildings and to sow panic among defenders. In addition, the Creative Assembly improved the user interface, and significantly improved graphics on both tactical and battle maps. The whole game was made with enormous attachment to the historical realism, so that it could accurately reproduce the realities of that period.

The Total War series from the beginning was one of those that featured some kind of inner magic. You know where the final effect is more than the sum of the elements that make up the game. A proven formula is up to date, a little meditating on the campaign map in quiet turn-based mode, some exciting fighting in real-time spectacular battles. However, you can not spend fifteen years every few years playing the same game in other fatal games, so I will uncover the creators try to combine with novelties and diversify the set of options. With different effect. The biggest objection to Rome II was not that we were returning to the era we had already used, but that developing the game in different directions was not certain that basic mechanics were working properly. When idiotic opponents run out of idyllic maps, they get rid of any conquests. From this perspective, Attyla has a great opportunity to blur the bad impression left behind by her predecessor. That is why, when on the pre-release screenings and press releases, the developers focused on promoting the novelty, I wondered if we were waiting for the same scenario again. The game is ambitious, beautiful, full of momentum, but lopsided at these most important moments. The first impression is really good, because the creators have fulfilled their promises to give the game a totally different graphical gimmick. The campaign map is very beautiful and reflects the regions and regions of Europe, Asia and Africa. And although the menu and interface layout is the same, it was thought to be visually redesigned. In this world, Creative Assembly has created a variation of its formula that best suits the title in the series. All these charming landscapes will be bleeding and we will rarely have the time to comfortably expand our empire and play in the Settlers style. The emphasis on fighting is very clear, and the player in the direction of the battle is pushed in several interesting ways.

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