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The fourth adventure thief Garrett. Known environment has undergone many changes and improvements. The creators have maintained, however, the legendary gameplay mechanics that made the previous Fallout games cult. Thief is an action game that puts to operate out of hiding and treats of the adventures of the title thief Garrett. This production was created by the studio Eidos Montreal, known for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Designing Thief authors modeled on the previous parts of the brand, for which correspond to non-existent already graduated Looking Glass and Ion Storm, but all should be treated as an attempt to restart the series.


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Description of the game

In Thiefie back to the universe on a combination of several recitals: Victorian period, magic, gothic and steampunku. The main character of the series, cunning thief Garrett, returns after years of absence to the metropolis called the City, where there is a new order. A city ruled by Baron, and cruel tyrant, who has in mind only their own interests. The local population is beset not only by the city guard subordinate to it, but also the mysterious plague. This situation Garret interested in for one reason: growing chaos is an excellent opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of others. It soon becomes clear that the legendary thief was caught up in the intrigue thicker and again will have to come down on one side of the conflict. New Thief follows the path traced by previous views and consists of a fictionalized missions in which Garrett steals from the wealthy inhabitants of another town, by the way know their innermost secrets.

Story of game

Still a player can perform actions in many ways, using a wide range of gadgets, Which include among others buzzwords, wire cutters, arrows with a rope or key to open grilles ventilation shafts. Despite the undoubted skills of fencing, the title thief will avoid open confrontation and running out of hiding. In bypassing or Eliminating guard to help him dry toys as special shots, or even a stick, Which Immediately strike stuns the target. One of the additions are claws enable climbing in selected places levels. The fourth edition of Thief brings a number of improvements that relate mainly to the behavior of opponents. NPCs, including characteristically city guards, they can scour the room in search of suspicious movement and better understand the infrastructure levels. Garrett received for the so-called “focus”, illuminate the elements with which you can enter into interaction. The ability to relieve a time when pickpocketing and lockpicking and can derive special attacks during the fight – one of them allows you to push the enemy. Thief runs on the graphics engine Unreal Engine 3, which guarantees, among other things advanced and realistic light and shadow, locations rich in detail and detailed character models. Music appears only in a more dynamic moments of the game, so the player can focus on nasłuchiwaniu environment and careful execution of previously planned activities.

Eidos Montreal has already shown that he has a hand to resurrect the cult series. After a very successful return my opinion, Deus Ex, the time came for the forthcoming several years Thief. And although the first trailers, and parts of the game not nastrajały me too positive, it is still hoped that the Thief A.D. 2014 not disgrace the good name of the cycle. I can not disgraced, but also the honor of her hardly brings. Let me begin, however, some explanation. At the first transition did not I ran the game so-called concentration mode, I set myself the highest level of vigilance SI, turned off the viewfinder and on several additional ways made it more difficult game. I think the fact that throwing a game such supernatural power for the efficient way the players is a crime and should be punished right hand immersion in tar. On the other hand I understand, however, that being a product-budget, the new Thief must sell, so that I finish rejtanowskie rending his garments, because the best is when the wolf full, and the sheep intact. And it just Thief has good chances guaranteed. Seriously. The latest production Eidosu could in fact quietly hit the Sevres, as a model of flexibility to adjust both the level of the game, and even the user interface. So many – and most importantly – so detailed options not found in any previously unless action game. Not only that, it is not merely cosmetic, or a matter of taste – almost each of these options in some way reflected in the gameplay and our perception of it. What can we change? Almost everything. At the top of the pyramid we have some generally defined levels of difficulty, but the fun begins when we start them add their own restrictions, such as the already mentioned lack of concentration, only saving the game at the end of the chapter, or even permanent death start the game again. There’s a whole lot, and each click effectively distances us from the image of “games for noobs.” It is worth to note, however, that our decisions will be final and independently defined conditions dozen difficulty level does not change during the game. The second layer and down the pyramid, it is also possible to define a rich interface. Here the fun is mainly off of its individual elements, from the contextual hints, before highlighting the important elements of the scene And ending on the minimap. So we can both play with zapapranym icons and information interface, and completely deprive himself out of any of its elements, or choose any intermediate option. So it should be in any, absolutely any game!

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