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Terraria is a 2D platform game created by independent studio Re-Logic. Players receive almost a few simple tools, so they can create locations limited only by your own ingenuity. The game is often called two-dimensional Minecraft and its strengths include a multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with your friends. Terraria is a 2D platformer in which players can create at will the world around them. Production of independent studies Re-Logic is sometimes called a two-dimensional Minecraft, because it allows players to influence the course of the game. In the game you are moving to a two-dimensional realm and get some basic tools. From the moment we are at the mercy of each other and Their own ingenuity.

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Description of the game

During the game we can dig into the ground and look for raw materials, plant the plants, discover new locations, fight with Opponents, create objects, as well as Build Their Own fortresses or houses. The enormity of opportunities and threats That makes every game is a bit different because it Creates the same player. World Terraria is created randomly, so you never visit the same location. Almost all the elements of the environment can be destroyed or removed – thus collect the materials needed to build and shape the landscape. Crossing the area you have to remember to ensure a proper protection against numerous opponents. Also in terms of weaponry, much we depend on our imagination – weapons create yourself, and the choice is varied. In the fight against goblins, or fruwającymi eyeballs use of swords, rifles, grenades and dozens of other ingenious gadgets. At the meeting with the unique world Terrariums we can go alone or with a group of friends. Inviting other people to have fun gain allies in the struggle, and assisting with the building of fortresses and other buildings. This makes it a whole new meaning and becomes even more interesting.

Story of game

Terraria is a 2D Minecraft, or so they said. I had to get sandboksowy title that offers the possibility to create your own topics in two dimensions and beatings at night monsters whose sole purpose is to force me to the spawn of starting-point, for this. OK, more or less agree, but after a few hours of fun, it turned out that Terraria is just another game, who can not decide what in general is. It looks like look like any platformer, if somebody took them in RPG Makerze and you need her to admit that it is quite pretty, if she likes the cartoon setting screaming: “We can not afford brilliant graphic artists!”. It sounds also like … is not no good, as you can listen to two songs over and over? Everything in Terrarii see and hear the pain and the typical standard, so what is? Sandbox, that’s what. World, which ends so far that not even want you to go there and and extends down so deeply that some nice hours it will take you dig to the bottom with the idea that as soon as you land in China. The problem is that – as is thanks to this game, it turned out – the sandbox is not compatible with platformówkami, which must give the players a goal to have any sense at all. Stupid goal, even the likes of: “Get to the exit”, “jump platform” or “find the princess.” Terrariums, however, quite badly copies it Minecraft and orders to dig, build and survive – but what works in three dimensions very well, here’s just no reason. Terraria does not make sense, at least I did not give advice to him to dig. Sorry: I not even know how much time I would have to spend collecting stones of various races and religions and how much the village would bet on the surface to catch it.

The power of Minecraft was just that it was three-dimensional and creating a great, great buildings thanks to him you could feel like the ruler of the world limited only by their own creativity. Power Terrarii is …? Exactly. Buildings in 2D, which always seem to be defective does not make me feel like an architect designing a pyramid. Digging in the ground in two dimensions also reminds me rather of Boulder Dash, Supaplex and other than crawling the virtual world in search of the mysterious lava caves and treasures. Fight monsters that appear in the absurd and unpredictable places it is not something on which I depend sandboxowej mining game. True, you can at Terrarii spend several pleasant hours, ba – can and tens, and in each sandboksie, which after all is not the end. The average player would die soon, but because of the monotony, which is digging without visible results. The descent into the ground in this game is a must, which irritates: dug corridors are nice and inviting, it is impossible to convert them into some full of pitfalls tunnels connecting one fortress to the other, you can not even glaze them on each side, or whatever doing there corridors in Minecraft. The only thing to be a player in this game, it was his home on the surface, which is just miserable, and it makes no sense and sit in it, because once you put it … there’s nothing to do. Terraria is 90% dull regimen glide the raw materials, processing them and kill opponents, who throw out another items / materials to rewrite with the occasional 10% ingenious and interesting gameplay.

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