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Steel Division: Normandy 44 Download game

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is designed for the PCs of the RTS war, allowing you to play the great battles of World War II. The game emphasizes realism and tactical depth. The maps are huge in size and reproduce on a 1: 1 scale real locations in Normandy from those days. Each unit is consistent with historical records, and during the clash, the role plays the role, positioning and morale of the soldiers. Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a PC version of the Windows Battle Strategy. The production was developed by French studio Eugen Systems, known for its Wargame and Action games: Direct Action, R.U.S.E. And Act of Aggression.


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Description of the game

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a war strategy that develops the Wargame game mechanics, but abandons the current conflicts in the realm of the Second World War. According to the title, the game will focus on battles in Normandy, set in 1944. Battles are played in real time and are characterized by a very large scale. The mechanisms of the skirmishes emphasize realism, allowing us to use tactics that were then in common use. Land use and positioning of the troops, as well as flank attacks, play a key role. The behavior of the soldiers is directed by. Morale system – too much stress affects their combat effectiveness and can even force them to escape. The authors also took care of the full realism of the site, creating maps based on scout photos from that period. In the published Windows PC Division: Normandy 44 battles are divided into three phases simulating the typical course of the clashes of the time. In each of them, access to further types of units is unlocked.

Story of game

For example, initially we only receive light and fast tanks, and heavy armored vehicles only appear in the third phase. The game has over four hundred units, meticulously reproduced on the basis of historical records. In addition to airplanes, tanks and support vehicles our aircraft are also subject to our orders. Represented countries such as Germany, United States, France, Canada, England, Scotland and Poland. All of this we can play in a large solo or multiplayer campaign, allowing you to participate in large network battles that can be attended by up to twenty players at a time. Paradox Interactive announced that its Steel Division: Normandy 44 strategy with real-time action will debut on May 23 this year, exclusively on PC.

Paradox Interactive announced that its Steel Division: Normandy 44 strategy with real-time action will debut on May 23 this year, exclusively on PC. Works by veterans of the genre of Eugen Systems, which in the past have prepared, among others, R.U.S.E. And the Wargame series. Steel Division action: Normandy 44 was set up during World War II. We will play as commanders of troops on the front in Normandy. The title offers both a feature campaign and a network mode for up to two ten-person teams. Developers are preparing over 400 faithfully reproduced units of the epoch. During the fight we will use various types of infantry and vehicles, including tough tanks. The battles will take place on maps prepared on the basis of pictures of Normandy in 1944. Photographs were made during an air reconnaissance during World War II. The Iriszoom engine allows you to smoothly scale the image – from maximum distance, including a large area of ​​activity, to the individual units.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 Game full version

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