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Stardew Valley is an agricultural RPG, allowing the embodiment of the young farmer trying to create a profitable farm. Besides the cultivation of plants we are also taking part in the life of the nearby village and we go on trips to caves full of monsters. Stardew Valley released on the PC platform Windows sandboksowa RPG, inspired by the extremely popular series and farmer Harvest Moon, known mainly from the portable consoles of Nintendo. For creating the game corresponds to the independent single studio Concerned Ape, founded by a man named Eric Barone. Production was originally created with the aim of PCs, but its remarkable success has prompted the author also to prepare a version of the console game.


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Description of the game

The game’s story Stardew Valley tells the story of a young man leading stamp-life employee of a large corporation. In the past he received from his grandfather mysterious envelope with a recommendation to open it only when it considers that his life has become monotonous and stopped to give him happiness. Considering that this moment was come, our hero opens it and finds out that he has received from his grandfather drop in the form of a small farm, located somewhere outside the city. Without thinking for a long time, a man gives up his life so far and boring job to face completely new challenges. On arrival it turns out, however, that does not wait for him here, no idyll, and firmly declined farm is in fact a small house surrounded by a patch of earth, overgrown with thick bushes and weeds. The task of the hero is to restore the farm to its former glory.

Story of game

General Assumptions gameplay Stardew Valley are an almost carbon copy of the prior art of said series Harvest Moon. The starting point here is economic game Therefore, in Which We Mainly management and development of our farms. All the fun from start to restore it to working condition – digging rocks, felling trees and scoured weeds. Then we take for planting, watering and harvesting them, the income from Which is our main source of income. Over time, we get the Possibility of growing more and newer species of plants and even animal husbandry, and the money earned, we can invest in the development of the farm. The above described the realities of the classic economic game were Stardew Valley framed sanboksowego RPG-a. The title gives us in this regard, a huge range of possibilities, offering an extraordinary multitude of activities and tasks, which depending on your preference, we can spend. In addition to farming, our protagonist can eg. Go to catch fish, make a visit to the nearby mine and look for useful materials, and even venture into the dungeons, where waiting for him dangerous monsters, but precious treasures. All this adds to the typical sandboksów, advanced module crafts and character development system, through which, as far as promotion to the next level, we can improve various abilities of our hero.

However, an important aspect of the game is also integrated with the local community. During breaks from the field work, our farmer may go to a nearby town to take part in various events, as well as interact with the characters encountered and accept commissioned by the task. Like the Harvest Moon, the game also provides the ability to initiate romance, and in the longer term also marry and raise children. Released on the PC platform Windows Stardew Valley is a game developed originally only designed for single player gameplay. After the release of the title, however, the author does not stop work on its development by introducing subsequent updates of the game a number of new elements, including the possibility of multiplayer co-op. In terms of framing, Stardew Valley strongly alludes to the first series of hits Harvest Moon, offering a simple 2D graphics in plan view, reminiscent of the productions of the era of 16-bit consoles. Despite the apparent simplicity, the game offers but extremely complex model of the game, and a whole bunch of flavors and additional opportunities that we discover gradually with the progress of fun. The creator did not forget about such details as the day and night cycle, dynamic changing seasons, and even the system of fatigue hero, so it loses energy as a result of “zarywania” night or perform more demanding tasks farm.

Stardew Valley Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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