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The second installment in the series Sniper Elite allows players to play in the title role of a sniper during the Second World War. With deadly precision they will have to perform a series of dangerous missions. Released in 2005 game Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945 is considered one of the most interesting military shootings embedded in the realities of World War II. Developers from the British studio Rebellion managed to combine elements of the FPP and TPP, thus expanding the boundaries of the genre. Sniper Elite V2 is the next step forward. The creators of the game put even greater realism and a large dose of adrenaline.


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Description of the game

The Sniper Elite V2 takes on the sniper in the service of the US government. The scene is ruined by warring armies – German and Soviet – Berlin 1945 years. The main element of the game realized by the developers of Rebellion is a tactic connecting sneaking avoiding unnecessary confrontation with the enemy, and choose one of several options for the transition of the mission. Artificial intelligence is to hinder the game up through the realistic behavior of opponents, such as hiding and communicate in order to discover our position. The gameplay implemented a number of solutions intended to increase the authenticity of the sniper mission. To donate accurate shot is needed not only eagle eye, but also the knowledge of the parameters of ballistic weapons, taking into account weather conditions, and even the ability to control their own bodies. Success or failure often depends on the fact one bullet.

Story of game

The game is set in the last days of the Second World War. On the eve of the seizure of Berlin by the Red Army. The fate of the conflict are already a foregone conclusion and it is only the background of events described in the game. Background very convenient for an American sniper, in which he takes on. The war is still going on, which helps it to operate far behind the enemy lines. Initially, he was there, to allow the escape of German scientists who would like to work for the United States. Then things take a slightly different turn, and in spite of everything, it turns out that one key shot will depend on the lives of many people. “Sniper Elite V2” difficult to treat as a history lesson, even in the version of the picture. The story here is your five minutes basically just charging the mission, when Karl Fairburn, in which he takes on, outlines the context of the next task. Another mission not fire up, to know the continuation of the story. We do this because the game is what lurking in the bushes with a telescope at his eye tigers like the most. The novelty and the biggest attraction of the game is the so-called modernized system. “Killcam” or camera follows the bullet wystrzelonym and recording the moment of the death of the enemy. Animation backbone, as developers call it, allows detailed to show the devastation caused by the missile body. The dynamic system to calculate has about 500 different death animations, rendered depending on the parameters, which are affected by min. weather conditions, the initial velocity, angle shot, bullet deformation and change the trajectory after hitting the target. Sniper Elite V2 offers a wide range of cooperative missions. In co-op mode two players side by side overcomes obstacles put in front of them. These include eg. The need to repair the tank with scattered parts of the map. It is also common passage of the campaign narrative. The entire closed-specific multiplayer for up to 12 people, consisting mainly of sniper team duels and clashes “free for all”. Unlike other shooters on the market, the game in multiplayer mode requires patience and takes place at a slow pace. Inattention and the batch on enemy positions end in a quick and spectacular death.

Most of the missions share a common schema. On the map we have marked the place where we need to get, and then finish the matter placed shots. To get to the position we just shoot all the way. This way not only brings great fun, but works only on the lower difficulty levels, and trust me, that “Sniper Elite V2” really worth playing at the highest. It is there waiting much excitement and satisfaction with accurate shot, the task carried out smoothly and as quietly as they could, or traps, which worked exactly as we wanted. It should not be demonized – is difficult, but we do not feel that the game is making a joke with us and cheats. In fact, veterans of the original “Sniper Elite” will probably complained that it is too easy. Well, these days – construction mission also gives us a little less freedom than before, and checking on the map the next checkpoint, leads us by the hand a little too much for my taste. Not always, often have open space and how we deal with opponents depends only on us, but in some places a little disappointed to designers who ubzdurali realized that just by this ledge jump I can not. Although the “Sniper Elite V2” without a doubt is shooting, a game at her differently than the most popular items of the genre. This production, which can not be in a hurry, in which you have to think, plan and calculate risk. That’s something different. Fans running around the battlefield with opętańczym cry, quickly get tired, But they are spoiled by developers, and we – in other games called campers – so well we do not have. Really nice to get on the end of a game in which you just have to take out a pair of binoculars, look, locate all opponents and develop an action plan, because otherwise one of us will detect and trucks drive if I again a dozen opponents. This does not mean the end of the mission, but it will be very, very difficult to give them advice.

Sniper Elite V2 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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