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Sniper Elite III: Afrika Download game

Sniper Elite III Afrika is developed by a team of Rebellion shooter set in the areas of Africa during World War II. The game focuses primarily on the sniper missions, during which our task is to eliminate specific targets from a distance. Sniper Elite III Afrika is the third part of a series of sniper shootings war. The game produced studio Rebellion, which is the same team that was responsible for the two previous views. The action is again set in the realities of World War II. This time, however, the authors abandoned locations Europe and instead And put the campaign in areas of Africa. It did not change while the protagonist. Again, it is the Karl Fishburne, or sniper working for the US military command.


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Description of the game

The single player mode Consists of a series of eight complex missions, mostly Involving the elimination of a Particular purpose. The road to it is always difficult and often requires przekradania among enemy troops and finishing silent enemy soldiers. We can also launch a frontal attack, Which will download us on the head, but all the surrounding patrols. In Sniper Elite III Afrika returns hallmark of the series, which is developed mechanics sniper. On the higher difficulty levels, taking into consideration aspects such as wind speed and direction and the effect of gravity on the flight path of the ball. The authors did not limit themselves to copying ideas predecessors. Instead, it also introduced a lot of new solutions. The most important of them is the emergence of sandboksowych map with an open structure. They provide players with great freedom to choose methods and how to accomplish tasks and make each level you can go many times without feeling bored, each time trying another tactic.

Story of game

At the same time more emphasis on elements skradankowe, Which enriched the so-called. system relocation. It Causes That after putting a few shots we need to quickly change the position and the game gives us know when we move away far enough in That alone start looking for other weak points in the enemy patrols. The authors also greatly improved the X-ray camera, Which now has not only damaged skeletal muscle but also the circulation. A greater level of detail also included the vehicles. Eliminating tanks and armored trucks currently requires the destruction of the first few components before they get a chance to finish to the last bullet. Interestingly, the best hits of vehicles they are shown with the film camera That follows the bullet, and then shows the mechanical damage of individual parts. An additional attraction is the development system. Depending Turley our shares assigns experience points, Which then spend on Improving equipment and weaponry. The entire campaign can go alone or jointly with one colleague, and in addition there are also two other cooperative modes. The first is Survival, where we try together with the comrades to persevere as long as possible against hordes of enemies. While the second is well known to fans of the series Overwatch, plays action sniper teams, where one player takes the role of sniper, and the second plays the role of so-called. Spotter, which provide valuable partner information, and each of them is trying to protect comrade. There were also numerous modes of competition.

The creators of Sniper Elite III: Africa failed to amuse me to tears. I doubt if that was their intention, because the game hits the tone quite serious, humor, far from bursting and holds fast to the war convention. Firmly, but not necessarily faithfully what I was amused. Now, the campaign itself after traveling snajpersku here and there, doing our strzelajÄ…co sniper task. To make it historically, the authors of most of these missions umiejscowili known in the African campaign locations. So we visit Tobruk, Halfaya Pass, an oasis of Siwa, and so on. All somewhere in the beginning of 1942, during the offensive Afrika Korps in which Rommel was able to finally get Tobruk and break into Egypt until the outer reaches of the defense of El Alamein. And this is fine, such actions behind enemy lines and in general. It’s just that in its quest for places with the famous battles of the Rebellion gentlemen healthy exaggerated. After the mission in that oasis of Siwa, which is in Egypt, it turns out that we need to go to the enemy base, where lies our main szwarzcharakter. Like everything in order, but this base is located at the Kasserine Pass. In Tunisia. Thousands of kilometers away. Yes, there took place an important battle, but in February 1943, and the action Sniper Elite III takes place a year ago, when still no Allied soldiers had no right to be there. Moreover, on the spot, it appears that the pass is littered with the wrecks of British tanks, which is so funny that at Kasserine Pass to the Afrika Korps fought the Americans. I cried with laughter when I saw it. I do not know whether it is a deliberate joke writers, show or ignorance on their part, but you can always laugh. Frankly, when it comes to the reality and history I am expecting the Sniper Elite III much more.

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