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SimCity is the fifth part of a series of economic strategies by Maxis. The task of players is to create a lively metropolis and solve their problems. The fifth installment is a new graphical engine and definitely greater dependence between the different elements characterizing the cities run by players. SimCity is another part of the famous series, the simulation of life and development of the city, created by Maxis for more than two decades. Players play the mayor of the newly formed city. Their overriding task is to address economic, economic, commercial and spatial development so as to make the city more attractive and to create a great metropolis from it.


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Description of the game

The fifth installment of the series has come for players to wait 10 years, but the developers have been trying to make up for this long period of substantial innovation that could be found in SimCity. These are: new graphics engine, greater dependence between individual elements of the city and interesting solutions in the field of network games. The new engine, called the Glassbox, allows you to move your camera freely and zoom in very closely and see what’s happening around the corner of a skyscraper or on one of the many shops. Glassbox offers an innovative solution for both gameplay and presentation. Also developed is the mechanics that simulate the functioning of real cities. All decisions on agglomeration are directly attributable to the relationship between population density and property values ​​or air pollution or the degree of youth education. The game presents this information with graphs that clearly explain the current situation of the metropolis, allowing us to respond quickly to emerging issues.

Story of game

I sincerely admit that this is probably the most difficult review in my life. First of all, because although the game is working well nowadays, it is impossible not to take into account the initial problems it has caused. I mean, it just could not get started. Someone has sold somebody here and it’s terribly weak – well, that’s how it got fixed. Second, finally, this review is difficult, because for the time I spent with SimCity, I went through all the different phases of the game. I hated her and loved her, I was disgusted and delighted at the same time. I had a lot of moron, and I was still sitting on another version of Little Mermaid, trying to bring them to a state where in the river instead of water will be wine, sky will start to fall money and trees instead of leaves … It’s not a fairy tale. Perhaps it will sound strange at first, but I can not help feeling that one of the biggest problems of SimCity is its … name. On the one hand, well, expensive EA that it is not “SimCity 5”, because basically we are not dealing with a logical continuation of the series, but its, say, an updated version. On the other hand, the same “SimCity” still suggests that we once again get what we already know. And that’s not true. I dare say that if the game was called “SimCity Online”, not only would not some of the players protest, not only would some of them not complain that it is not the same as in the previous parts, but it would also, as usual, after Human, honest. Although of course, the addition of the word “Online” to the name is now terribly passe, and simple titles are currently experiencing a renaissance, so “SimCity” fits into the trends and marketing department is probably happy. Let’s face it: we are dealing with multiplayer games. Yes, it is possible for a stuntman to play for himself, roughly the same way as playing chess himself. You can even have fun, but someone else did it for another purpose.

If from this point of view we look at SimCity, it becomes clear why the sites for construction are so microscopic. It is no longer, as it once was, a simulation of the construction of a self-sufficient city, otherwise the whole idea of ​​playing with others would be in the head. The game was designed to NOT create a metropolis that would find everything. There will always be too little or too many people / shops / jobs. There will always be some raw materials or buildings. This is because all this playing in the regions, next to the cities of other players, makes sense at all. As a result, small computer people migrate between the settlements, so that the tourists appear, thanks to which the city can be built strictly industrial. This game BECAES a shortage in the case of a lone settlement, because only in this way its multi-facet makes sense. I will repeat: the greatest failure of the creators and the game itself is communication with the players. When I browse forums or talk to my friends, everywhere I see / hear that I can not build a self-sufficient city that if there were as much space as in SimCity 4, that was different, and so on. But this game CAN NOT let you do that – well, it’s about it. Perhaps if it was called something else, if it were advertised otherwise, if it were not tried to convince that the game itself is great, then today the entire drama would not be there. Because it’s a game for many people, and that’s it. At the same time, it is not a multiplayer game devoid of defects. On the contrary. The biggest problem is that while playing around other cities is a necessity in some sense, not much attention is paid to meaningful co-operation. The most important thing, even if the workforce is exchanged, are the same, regardless of the players. But you can try to send yourself services – ambulances, fire brigade, electricity, water, etc. – but it works to a very limited extent. Do not deceive yourself that you can completely give up, for example, from the police if a colleague in the city next to it provides. It does not work like that. Yes, his services can help in a critical moment, but they will not make you completely avoid this aspect. Throughout the game, the possibility of cooperation is simply too little and too limited. Great works, which is a joint project of several people, is a great idea, but to reach their realization can only after a few dozen or so hours of joint play. A little late.

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PC Downloaden Game

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