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Continuation of the first-person action game Flying Wild Hog, remake of the classic FPS shooter of 1997. Her action is set five years after the events of the first part, and the players recreate in Lo Wang’s martial arts master, working for the local Yakuza, facing the demons, using a wide arsenal of firearms and various types of blades. New in the game is a cooperative mode, designed for max. 4 people. Shadow Warrior 2 is the sequel to the first-person action game of 2013, created by native developer Flying Wild Hog.


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Description of the game

The Polish team as the inspiration for the first page of the title used a crazy shooter from 1997 with the same name. Interestingly, the 90s hit was created by the 3D Realms studio on the build engine, so the bald main hero of the Asian roots is the cousin of the famous Duke Nuk. Just like the old classic, the modern Shadow Warrior quickly gained a group of dedicated fans who demanded to develop an adventurous mercenary to cast a barrage of jokes. Warsaw studio responded to the enthusiasm of the players again by giving them a familiar form of play, and by the way, adding a couple of experimental systems to the sequel, which surprised many. The Road Hog Engine engine used for the game is designed for PCs, so it was the first version of this production. However, the authors did not give up on the next-generation consoles, but delayed them a few months after the prototype.

Story of game

The game’s action was set five years after the events of the first part. During this time, the world changed a lot, as after the end of the first Shadow Warrior came the so-called. Collision between dimensions of people and demons. After several years of bloody war both races have coexisted in relative peace – but by the time. Players re-enter Lo Wang, the hero of the previous version, who leads a lone mercenary working for the local Yakuza in a double. While executing one of the assignments, the protagonist draws from the oppression of a woman responsible for creating a new kind of drug – Shadow, whose secret she wants to get her former boss. With an unexpected ally, the hero sets out on a path marked with blood and hard riffs. Compared to its predecessor, the mechanics of the PC Windows platform have undergone quite a bit of change, coming a little closer to the Borderlands series. RPG elements have been significantly expanded, with access to dozens of different types of weapons that can be modified in all ways by gems, and richer than previously developed abilities. There was also a simple system of craftsmanship. On the other hand, the revolution can not be said about the battle system – clashes have only become even more bloody, dynamic and effective. In addition, Shadow Warrior 2 is clearly more open than the first line. Each stage here is a small quasi-sandbox, in which we can crawl the nooks in search of spoils, and for mission purposes more than one path. Interestingly, the developers have decided to randomize the map generation – each time they use the same base, but each place within them can be swapped places. With the changing weather conditions, Flying Wild Hog can be used to produce PC Windows more than once.

Rachu chewed and scared, Wang kicked hundreds of asses, saving the world again, probably cutting off the path to the pantheon of the most charismatic protagonists of recent years. Flying Wild Hog has provided one of the most dynamic, wasteful, simply “cool” Titles this year. Nice to think about Shadow Warrior 2, nice to spend time with this title and nice to talk about it. It is a shame that there was no more money and time to make this diamond to finish to the end. By creating the Shadow Warrior 2 developer decided to make the right use of lessons learned from the production of the previous page. The game has evolved in a couple of independent directions, drawing on a handful of both its own character and the latest trends. Of course, the core of fun is still massacring hordes of demons and other immortals, but conceptually production has grown in a visible way at first sight. A semi-open world is available to the player, which obviously creates the impression of a certain degree of freedom. Add to the loot, the boss bosses, the less exhausted but still cool subbosses, side quests, weapon customization, upgrading them, buying items, developing skills, chapel, crazy fun dynamics and some other minor items. I am very pleased to hear that there is less in the Shadow Warrior 2 sword fight. Not because it was the weak point of the previous part – on the contrary, flying with katana was the last time I enjoyed so much that I practically did not change the firearm. The Sequel fixes this problem optimally – it made the shooting fun. First of all, there really came out the knockout, into my favorite diabolical rocket launchers. Secondly, we were given a lot of givers, which we now earn mainly by collecting loot after killed bosses. Third, some of the larger immortals and, in general, opponents are far better off. Especially the first ones can shake our ass sharply if we approach too close and we want to play the master blade. I would say that a fragile balance was achieved on the line of white guns – firearms.

Shadow Warrior 2 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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