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Ryse: Son of Rome is a third-person action game by the German studio Crytek. Players have the opportunity to move into the times of the fall of the Roman Empire and to participate in bloody fighting for power. The game is largely based on the so-called. Quick time events. The game is an expanded port of the title, which was released in 2013 on Xbox One. Ryse: Son of Rome is a dynamic action game whose story was set in the days of ancient Rome. The producer of the title is the German company Crytek. Two parts of the Crysis first-person shooter cycle.


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Description of the game

Production is a console port that was released in November 2013 as the Xbox One launch title. It is worth to add that the first information about Ryse appeared in 2011. According to the developer’s plans, the game was scheduled to appear on Xbox 360 and only use the Kinect motion controller. During the game we play the role of Marius Titus, the Roman centurion seeking revenge for the death of his loved ones, who, besides breaking through the hostile forces, must also command subordinate soldiers. The fight consists mainly of pressing the appropriate combination of keys, which translates into Titus’ elimination of spectacular combinations of punches. In the course of the game we can issue subordinate commands. The screen can be up to one hundred characters at a time, each controlled by its individual AI. The Son of Rome is also available in cooperative multiplayer mode. You can fight with your friends in the Roman coliseum, playing gladiators and defeating the waves of enemies.

Story of game

Before we go to play with Ryse: Son of Rome, it may seem like a rather strange work. On the one hand, it is a production that has undergone its small development hell. We first had to enjoy it on the XBox 360 with Kinect support, so a few years later we get the news that it will be the startup title for the latest Microsoft console. Often in such cases we get something not quite properly cooked, so the game had a chance to surprise. On the other hand, the advertising machine has tried to push us into the Roman holiday as a revolution, and it often bounces again. One year after the console release, the game also goes to PCs. Without such great emotion, no intrusive marketing, quietly informing us that the product we are getting is a version with all add-ons, without micropayments, with graphics in resolutions up to 4K, which the owners of the powerful computers are supposed to allow to associate with exquisite pictures. For Ryse is responsible for Crytek, so the visual experience must push to the fore. The title “son of Rome” is Mariusz Tytus – soldier, centurion, and finally the general. We soon find out that his fairly well-off family has barbarians and our hero is in charge of revenge. His story is a simple story about finding the guilty and retaliating for the wrongs. Manipulating the time and place of action, while holding in the bag a few small surprises that effectively fight banality. The protagonist himself is the biggest problem of this story. Mariusz is, of course, colorless, rather submissive to what is happening around him, than he himself is the cause of events. It is problematic that by becoming a character to whom deep feelings are hard to find, it is hard to find the motivation to cross over the waves of enemies. Surprisingly enough, the supporting characters are interestingly written. Usually we are dealing with proud warriors or warped rulers, but their issues and presence add to all the colors. And our Mariusz most of the time just stands and listens.

The only thing that saves fatigue from the hero is the length of the game, which can end in just a few hours. The eight chapters we will face will jump very fast in front of our eyes, mainly because we are guided from one end to the other by one hand path, without the possibility of combining or deviating from the path. The biggest lie is the on-screen instruction that starts with “find the way to …”. No, we do not have to look for anything. We have to go on a string, take part in a dozen directed scenes and break up countless heads. The time that we spend on the game, we spend on the chopping sword of successive hosts of enemies. Mostly barbarians, although there are exceptions here and there. Our hero has basically four different options – sword, shield, parry, or dodge. Proper use of these four options allows us to remain unbeaten on the battlefield. The controls in the game work great, and Mariusz lives up to the commands he commands, rarely limping in the animations. The set of opponents we have to face is a standard mix. You are fast, where we have to dodge. These are shields, whose guard we must first break up. You are with an incredibly strong blow we must avoid. Fighting more than with two opponents (and those occurring where nearly ten of us are around) becomes a test of how well we know the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy and how quickly we are able to react to their movements. The test is not so easy to judge. Ryse obviously does not leave us with just four games. We have strong blows after holding the key for a long time, we have perfect pairings that reveal the enemy for a longer time, focus mode slowing down time or javelin throwing as a ranged weapon. The icing on the cake is, however, a system of blows ending. When we bring an opponent to the brink of exhaustion we can in a very spectacular and very brutal way to knock him. It works on a quick time event, a system that requires us to press a particular button at the right time. The way we do it is reflected in the points that we get to the very end, though even if we take our fingers off the keyboard, the animation will end and we will get a reward anyway.

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PC Downloaden Game

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