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Sandbox survival of the first-person perspective, inspired by Minecraft and DayZ series S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The game was created by the author of one of the most popular modification of the engine Source, Garry’s Mod. Rust sandbox survival with a view of a first person perspective, which draws inspiration from titles such as Minecraft, DayZ is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. With its emergence is responsible independent studio Facepunch and its founder Garry Newman, known gaming community as the author of the application Garry’s Mod – one of the most profitable and popular Source engine modifications.


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Description of the game

The game is characterized by vast, open world in which we are fighting for survival. Our main enemy is not only hunger and low temperature, but also the other players and NPCs, whose goal is to as quickly as possible return us to the other world. The game starts appearing in a random place in the world, equipped with only a stone and some bandages. First, we have to take care of a safe haven. With the acquisition of the said stone we require wood that will be used to build a home and kindling in the fire, the source of heat and light. Developed on the Unity graphics engine brings to mind the DayZ series S.T.A.L.K.E.R and, moreover, to the inspiration of the authors themselves admit the game. In terms of mechanics, the openness of the world system and crafts title draws but handfuls of Minecraft. When you feel hungry, you will have to hunt for living in our land animals. At low temperatures, we will need appropriate clothing, but we can also build a fire and warm up in its warmth. But when we happen to get hurt in a challenge with an opponent, it will be necessary to prepare bandages, which zatamują bleeding. The game in Rust lead we can, of course, also alone, concentrating on purely sandboksowym aspect of the game. The fun, however, takes on a different dimension in multiplayer mode, when on one map come together dozens of players, and each of them has their own goals, themes, and has a different approach to the game.

Story of game

Rust is a multiplayer game based on the model survivalowym game. It combines the features of games such as Minecraft, Fallout and STALKER. We build your base, zbroimy and exploring the world, which long ago was destroyed by a nuclear war. The situation after it had time to normalize and so: most maps is a picturesque forests deserts, grasslands and rivers, cut by the remnants of the ancient world as. Abandoned refineries. The game was released in 2013 and to date remains open, regularly developed by the creators of Alpha. At the time of launch it was just a budding game. But after updates a few months ago it was specifically rebuilt and the original version intact were the only rule of the game. It turned out that the game after these changes reached almost immense popularity and positive feedback among the players. The creators of regularly releasing updates of the game by improving and adding new elements. With each update, the competition is becoming more and more behind. All this meant that I had to reach for Rust. How contender to become the king of the gaming survivalowych and whether it is worthwhile to play it? Let’s start with the usual explanations of the rules of the game. We land in a world ravaged nuclear war. Although we have outlined the plot we can deduce from the world around us. We start the game in the forest / wilderness / beach with a rock and a torch in his hand. But we find for example. Abandoned airport or civilization already was. In another place, in turn, is radiation so someone August atomic energy clearly amused. But as I said 90% of the maps is nature in its pure form and can not realize that once was here the modern world.

The beginning of the game is running for food. Food in this game is essential. We draw them from the forest, meadows and packages with discharges from chocolate, cans of beans and water. Only when we have a full belly and not close to starvation begin to acquire the first stone and wood to create tools that will accelerate the collection of raw materials. Then, for the first time the foundation formed by building. I just created our first home. Rust offer the best mechanics of building I’ve seen in games of this type. Just create a paper plan of construction and after placing the foundation in a matter of minutes to put their shelter. May only enough raw materials. The whole system is based on an intuitive wheel from which you can choose exactly which element we need – the walls, windows, entrance, roof, ceiling, stairs and different kinds of support. Being thrown in at the supports of the system stability of the building. The higher the building falls stability of the building expressed as a percentage. When stability will fall close to zero we will not be able to build because each element is placed crumble. Council to do so is putting partitions inside or mentioned supports that meet perfectly the job and do not take up much space. Very well, and that was meant for something. Once the house will be able to what we would call in real time state of the raw go “arm”. We put in the window grilles and shutters. We set the table for repairs, water tanks and water treatment. An important element is also cabinet authorization. Placed in the house and activated may be built within a certain radius. This is so that nobody would build a house next to the tower, from which we will be able to harass. An important element is the sleeping bag. In Rust after death as we do not have a sleeping bag or bed reborn in a random place without anything in your inventory and you could not hit more than one home. It is also worth including sleeping bags to create more and porozstawiać around the house because if it comes up against and will come home to us it might destroy him.

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PC Downloaden Game

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