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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Download game

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a war shooter from Tripwire Interactive, Killing Floor and Red Orchestra. According to the title, the action takes us to Vietnam. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on PC Windows is another game of Tripwire Interactive, Killing Floor series. This time the developers decided to use the help of Antimatter Games studio, which co-created a new title. Production is the continuation of Rising Storm in 2013. According to the title, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on PC Windows is a shooting game in which we move to Vietnam.


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Description of the game

Players play in combat troops of the US Army and Vietnam. The basics of the game in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam remain the same as in the previous section, which means that we are dealing with a realistic FPS. However, due to the change of time and place of action, the reality has also changed. Like the first part of the Rising Storm, we are dealing with an asymmetric war, with uneven distribution of forces. American troops have assault helicopters, and Wietong troops can trap, hide from scouts or move much faster. The creators have taken care of the new branch system. Players can create this type of unit, and their commanders have the same powers as artillery firing, as well as a large array of administrative options: blocking and removing other players, inviting new ones, naming groups, etc. All members are rewarded for their efforts. On the battlefield – not only fighting enemies themselves, but also helping your colleagues. After the skirmish, scores are displayed, including the ranking of the members of the squad – upgrading to higher levels will unlock cosmetic elements that will change the look of our character. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on PC Windows supports online struggles in which up to 64 players can participate.

Story of game

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a realistic, network-based shooter set in the Vietnam War. The game is created by the Anti-Matter Games studio in cooperation with the Tripwire Interactive team specializing in the creation of this type of production and responsible for eg Killing Floor 2 or Red Orchestra 2: Stalingrad Heroes. In Rising Storm 2: Vietnam we can relate to US forces or Vietcong, which have their own equipment and their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, US forces use helicopters, and Vietcong has traps scattered throughout the map. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has retained its realistic approach to the gameplay of the first Rising Storm or Red Orchestra, so it’s not a game for people who value a fast, dynamic and detached action game such as the Call of Duty series.

About the network shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam was recently quite quiet. The creators of the Tripwire Interactive studio, however, broke the silence, revealing the hardware requirements of the game. The configurations presented by developers are not too high. It’s fun to play with an Intel Core i3 processor and 4 GB of RAM. The creators did not specify, however, exactly what exact settings are related to the specifications. However, it is certain that the owners of the stronger PC can count on better visual effects. The title is a continuation of the popular Rising Storm of 2013. Just like the original, it focuses on the struggles of the web, offering a high degree of realism and authenticity. According to the name, the creators decided to settle in during the Vietnam War. The game emphasizes asymmetric gameplay, so the authors do not care so that both sides of the conflict – the Vietcong and the Americans – have identical armaments. The exact date of the release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is still not given. It is only known that the production will appear in the second quarter of this year, only on PC.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Game full version

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