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Resident Evil VII: Biohazard Download game

Resident Evil VII is the seventh main installment in the series action adventure studio Capcom, which defined the genre of survival horror. Once again we face the hordes of zombies, and the conflict of humanity with them observe from behind the hero. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard it delivered to PCs action adventure game, which belongs to the category referred to as survival horror. The previous two views of this very famous series veered strongly towards a more spectacular game, which was reflected in a climate of terror. Seven is a return to the roots of the brand.


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Description of the game

The game is a clear departure from the canon of the series. Previous views talked about fighting well-trained soldiers from horrors created by devoid of any moral brakes corporations. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is different. This time, takes on the plain, gray man named Ethan, who in search of missing wife goes to the grim and seemingly abandoned mansion, located in the southern United States. Another novelty is the fact that for the first time in the history of the series written by creator outside of Japan – Richard Pearsey. The author previously developed the storyline for games such as F.E.A.R .: First Encounter Assault Recon or Spec Ops: The Line. Issued on PC platform Windows Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is a return to the climate of terror and survival horror genre. While we are having fun exploring locations and fight with opponents; occasionally we also need to deal with logical puzzles. Individual spots carefully search, as it often is rewarded with precious objects. In combination with the high level of difficulty this causes the player traverses the maps very carefully, hasty tour stages may cause sudden death or of missing something important. In contrast, most of the puzzles involve manipulating different mechanisms and allow for a moment to take a breath between successive events straight from the nightmares.

Story of game

he beginning of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard born in znawcach species feeling of deja vu, because the main character, named Ethan Winters travels to the fictional town in Louisiana, where he is to meet with his wife. Apparently nothing extraordinary, if not for the fact that Mia went missing three years ago and everyone thought her dead. A similar theme was the starting point in the scenario of Silent Hill 2 and it is not the only inspiration cycle Konami. It is worth noting that the Resident Evil VII: Biohazard gives the impression of playing detached from the main series, which draws on the wealth of species, not limited only to the patterns developed over the years in productions of “Resident Evil” in the title. It is very good, because thanks to “seven” provides a unique experience, efficiently combining selected elements characteristic of the “interests” of the motifs known from the said Silent Hill, Alien: Isolation or other first-person survival horror. Replacement of the classical view of TPP or static cameras poustawianych in the corner of the room view FPP is a bold and very successful move. Especially in the context of the story. There will be a big spoiler, if you write that Ethan after reaching a specified address becomes the prisoner of an extremely twisted Rodzinki Bakers. And another association – this time with antagonists such films as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Hills Have Eyes. The first meeting of Bakerami leaves no doubt that the people of ugly, shabby homes have a rocker, and also hide many secrets. Ethan guided self-preservation, of course, is trying to escape from their possessions, but before he could do so, will have to find answers to the many questions that arise in every corner of the house the Bakers. Not counting the prologue, the player takes control of the defenseless, disoriented hero who must at all costs avoid a meeting with members of the family of the Bakers.

And here begins the game of cat and mouse, as it spinning around the apartment psychopaths is the beginning only threat, although the farther into the woods, it appears more are ready to throw us to the throat at the first opportunity. So we have a real return to the roots, while engaging in combat were usually unprofitable or simply pointless. In Resident Evil VII: Biohazard finally find different types of weapons, But they are used primarily during boss fights.  As in the previous Resident in “seven of” we have limited space in your pocket for carrying objects, and until we find the backpack can carry a very limited set of tools. In addition to the weapons we have to remember about taking away the appropriate bullets and healing substances. Return cult plants, which, in combination with chemicals create a more efficient first aid kit. Crafting system is transparent and very useful, because combining two materials, we get, for example cartridges for a grenade launcher, flamethrower fuel, etc. Sometimes we find also ancient coins, for which we buy upgrades for the hero. All unnecessary at the moment we need as usual poukrywać in special boxes that are found in different corners of the map.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard Game full version

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