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Realistic racing game developed by experienced studio Slightly Mad Studios. Active participation in the development of Project Cars are the players themselves, gathered in the platform, World of Mass Development. The title offers a wide range of real cars and racetracks. Project CARS is a racing simulator developed by a team of British developer Slightly Mad Studios, the creators of, among others, Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed. The game was created with the active participation of fans who not only supported the developers financially, through the platform of World of Mass Development, but also helped to keep testing the production and puts his ideas for its development.


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Description of the game

Project CARS offers ten game modes, which is the most comprehensive career. All classes of vehicles – including cards, touring cars, retro cars or cars LMP – are available from the beginning of the game. This reflects the intentions of the creators of players to receive real freedom to choose the path of his career, rather than follow the path traced in advance of development. Cars can tune in detail, both in terms of performance and appearance of the body. Driving model in Project CARS is very realistic, meticulously reflecting the impact of the smallest components of the car and the engine running. The creators offered the opportunity to adjust the level of difficulty to the needs of the player, thanks to all kinds of driver assists. Great importance to the game are also the current conditions on the road. People with Slightly Mad Studios have taken care of the dynamic weather system and a day and night cycle.

Story of game

It is important to control. Playing on the pad you have to reckon with the fact that dobrnięcie the golden mean sensitivity of the controller and dead zones it will take some time. I advise grinding them during a training session of one of the more powerful cars, and then left alone. Fun sliders every time you come to change the weaker / stronger machine is not the best idea. Unfortunately, the basic settings Mastering formulas, cards and fastest cars this war, so “fun” you will not miss. But the base is still only a prelude to the multitude of options that await you “under the hood” of the game. In no other production consoles never seen so many graphics settings. To think that I was dreaming I was missing only the possibility of changing the resolution. Little? The same view of the camera from inside the vehicle we have three, and the options can be further modified, eg. The height of the driver’s seat, which is useful for some cars, where visibility is severely limited by the mask. It is fun to be able to enjoy a brilliant view from the driver’s eyes. The camera vibrates naturally giving the movements of the swimmer’s head, and at the corners turning towards the bow, as he does every driver. This horse needs to get used to, but worth it as hell. Believe that the menu with a variety of options you can spend a lot of time here. The authors instead of doing a game for everyone, preferred to do it in their own way, and let us somewhat przyszlifować preferred settings under him. But there is also a large lycha tar. Many options are mysterious. We will not know the responsibility of setting specific graphic before we see changes in the course of driving.

Except that all the wealth of options is available only from the main menu. Every time you come back to it, to move anything. In the case of fighting with graphics settings, the real plowing fallow and easier to just jump in and test the popular network diagrams. But enough about the menu. But they are not the most important. Remember when I wrote about DNA game? Well, you can powłączać all simplicity, optimal line of the track and confuse opponents, and would not you do with Project Cars another recreation ścigałki. Such a game there is simply no. For several reasons, but the most important one – is a game of prosecution, not driving. I admit that it was only on the occasion of Project Cars met this distinction. Production Slightly Mad Studios is a simulation of the sport. Can you imagine that in the NBA 2K or FIFA, any of the main teams were not available from the beginning of the game? Likewise, in Project Cars all categories of occupations and all machines in career mode are available from the beginning. If you race in to unlock new cars or tour, then here you will not find this motivation. It’s a very bold move developer who listened to the fans in this regard to help in the creation of Project Cars. The point of this game is not unlock better and better fur, getting nicer routes and better and better tuning parts. Indeed, the latter is not at all. Under the hood of the car you can be mixed at will, burying in mass strange options and settings, which probably does not even have any mechanic concept. A multitude of options should enjoy, but the game could explain it better. I would not mind a short probe, which would ask what I would like to improve and a set of suggested solutions. We have a twenty-first century … Some by this approach waved his hand at the game. Me while wildly like this one bit, because I allowed to feel like a race car driver, not the guy who after a couple of races to buy a better part and suddenly starts to win. Here, no contrived currency will not help. Tracks you just memorize. At least these few key places where it is easiest to overtake or venture to pare some losses. The Project Cars is not easy. In career mode every weekend starting is not only the right race. It also practice sessions and qualifying. For the Cossack, who, after all the other games all wins yawning – a waste of time. But the training is there to know the route to bury in the guts of the car in qualifying and then fight for the best starting position. These “snap” can be also notice a difference in driving on cold and warm tires. The first lap is a real ice skating. It should keep this in mind when you satisfied with the time we go down into the pits, there to watch the final minutes of qualifying. Rival with a lighter for a few laps tank can beat us, and revenge often do not have enough time. This is the Project Cars – too lazy to pay.

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PC Downloaden Game

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