Project CARS 2 Free Download game

Project CARS 2 Free pc game download

Project CARS 2 Free PC Game is a continuation of the recognized racing game of 2015. Slightly Mad studio is again responsible for the production. With Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed. Production was partially funded on the World of Mass Development platform as well as part one. As a result, the players themselves were also involved in creating the title, giving instructions. Gameplay guidelines have not changed. This is a production that offers a realistic approach to driving, although developers have provided a variety of options to adjust the difficulty level of the opponents and to enable or disable facilities, including the optimal route shown on the track.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

The passion for motor sport comes alive in the races for various classes that the fans demanded. These competitions allow the drivers to compete by being free to choose their type of vehicles, taking over the world’s most famous past and present endurance championships. Whether you choose a legendary car from the golden age of car racing, a modern prototype or a GT3, all classes can now compete either in a single race or in a championship. Project CARS 2 will give you your general position, but also by class.
Being able to race anywhere, anytime, in any car, online or offline, against opponents of the same class, or other classes, is the thrill of motor sports.

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Story of game

Unveiling the open structure of the Project CARS franchise, the striking trailer shown at E3 presents the new title: from its sandbox approach to its career mode that allows players to achieve their motorsport dreams. Drivers can start their amateur career, like the kart, and climb the ladder to the top, where many of the most prestigious brands and cars in the world await them. But they can also start in any automotive discipline, or even go directly into a particular section and spend one or more seasons in that championship. With a choice of 9 automotive disciplines, your career as a driver has never been more rewarding or challenging.

It’s no secret that the team of Slighty Mad Studios was already working on Project CARS 2 for a while. This direct sequence was already under construction some time after the release of the first opus.
However, if the rumors implied an exit for this end of year, developers had so far announced nothing. It is now over: a first trailer has just been put online, formalizing the project for good.
This new iteration will feature more than 170 licensed launch cars, a VR functionality for virtual reality helmets, eSport skills will be introduced and players will enjoy the 12K with compatible devices. Let us note that 60 tracks are also promised.

I have mentioned the steering wheel for no reason at all. Of course, the keyboard is obviously possible, but developers are not advising that. The absolute minimum to enjoy the gameplay is the pad, but also in this case the steering is broken. The game is full of opportunities before we install the steering wheel, and when it comes with a gearbox, pedals and a comfortable armchair, it will be difficult to tear off the races. Unfortunately, at this stage of production, Project CARS 2 may have some device problems. If you operate on a PC with the Thrustmaster T300 RS, consider that after installing the driver provided by the driver, the program will handle all buttons on the device outside the steering wheel itself.

Project CARS 2 Free PC Game

Project CARS 2 Free PC Game

PC Downloaden Game