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Payday 2 is a continuation of the popular web shooters of 2011. Like the first part, the title focuses on the co-op mode. Players take on the criminals attacking banks and convoys of money. In completing the tasks hinder them controlled by artificial intelligence riot police. Payday 2 is a cooperative FPS game which is a continuation of the successful production of 2011. The title, like the first part, has developed a Stockholm studio Overkill Software. The players are members of an organized gang of criminals. The action is set in Washington, and the story focuses on a series of hazardous orders received through the system CRIMENET.


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Description of the game

The missions involved up to four players. The game offers a number of different types of tasks, among which, apart from the typical attacks will also find, among others, kidnapping or transport drugs. Playable characters are divided into four specializations. Each of them has its own skill tree, and use the proper equipment for themselves. The gameplay in Payday 2 is focused on cooperation – close collaboration with colleagues from the gang is essential for success. In the mission interfere with the guards, police officers, FBI agents, SWAT units and other criminals. Repeatedly performing the same tasks not bored, because it prepared them so that each time proceeded differently. This enables the randomness of events and place settings controlled by the AI ​​opponents. The impact on the gameplay are also shopping before missions, allowing for example to purchase. Codes opening the door or provide a quick escape from the crime scene by helicopter. Compared with the original substantial improvement has artificial intelligence. Enemies are now more demanding opponents and can use many imaginative strategies. For the successful completion of orders we receive additional equipment. Enriches the gameplay system to modify weapons and clothing form.

Story of game

There’s a scene in Fever, one of the best action scenes in cinema history. The team de Niro and Val Kilmer doing jump on bank spicy in the middle of the day. Clay with Pacino show up in the course and comply incredible shooting in a busy city, with automatic weapons and a lot of corpses. The whole movie is brilliant, but this scene is a real legend. If anyone would like to play in such a legend, I recommend payday 2. Seriously, I recommend a very fun game. Payday 2 can best be characterized by comparison – the game is very similar to the classic cooperative shooting zombies in the style of Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor. Even more so the latter, because the Left 4 Dead is a game “the way” in which four team must get from point A to point B and then from B to C and so on, Killing Floor consisted of the mainly repelling successive waves of enemies attacking our positions . So it is here, with the difference that we during these attacks, we have a lot to do with carrying out jump on the bank, jewelry store, gallery, nightclub and many other distinctive, classic spots, which not once seen in films as the background for gangster shootings. This time it will be our background. After they visited many times, but never the same as before. Payday 2 is gentle, but very atmospheric way fictionalized. We do not have any particular scenario or dialogue, but every action that we undertake, it is an interesting story, often referring to some of pop culture … or I’m so crooked and everything I associate with suspicious or Breaking Bad. Anyway, we have intense gangster stories, although superficially sketched, but we do not need more, because we have seen it all so many times in movies that is immediately empathizes the role and immerse in the game world.

We immerse ourselves as one of four masked professional thieves, armed to the teeth and ready to cope with any emergency situation. Especially if you do not play it the first time and already know what to do to stay alive and cash. In Payday 2 jumps are plentiful and great variety. There are classics such as the processing of bank and other intense, fast, single stocks, but there are also more complex scenarios. In one of them, for example, we start with the defense of the old house in the suburbs, where competitive for our client gang organized a methamphetamine factory. We do raid, grab the drugs and run away … so that the equipment works and would be a sin not to cook a few more kilos of crystal, even if under fire SWAT units. Once we have a few bags of goods, then we off to our van – but this is not the end. On the second day we drive to the black Amfa district to pay her for information about the whereabouts of the heads of a rival gang, namely the whole of their earned money, you just try to take out of the country. The deal, of course, does not proceed as expected, it starts shooting, first with a local gang, and then the cops. If you manage to run off, move on to the third day, where the highway access road to the airport must first grab the bus with our delikwentami, and then stop the police long enough to transfer all the money to the helicopter sent by our employer. For each included a “day” get your fate, but the real prize is waiting until the end of the entire three-stage scenario. And this is one of those available at the beginning, for low-level mobsters, just starting their “jumping”. Later, as fouling in the pen, there will be additional scenarios, more complicated, more difficult and longer, including even a seven-day. Here you only need to stretch and bend, even if you have a harmonious team.

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