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Overwatch is a network FPS produced by Blizzard Entertainment. The game focuses on multiplayer battles between two player teams. The title offers a large selection of heroes, each with different armaments and a large set of unique special abilities. Overwatch is a first-person PC action game, set in multiplayer mode. This is yet another project well known to all and to Blizzard Entertainment studios. Founded in 1991, the company has been championing players for years with great titles. Suffice it to say that he has such hits as the 2004 MMORPG World of Warcraft, the StarCraft series, or the hack-and-slash Diablo series.


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Description of the game

This production is in many respects unique. First of all, it is Blizzard’s first brand since 1998, and it is the debut of a developer in the FPS genre. At the same time, it must be noted that the game proved to be very successful and very quickly attracted to a large group of people. As for the differences between individual Overwatch releases, as in most multiplatform games, on virtually every hardware platform it’s virtually the same production. It is worth noting, however, that developers are slightly different about the console version, which due to the pad control requires a slightly different approach. Graphics, game modes, etc., are identical on each device. Game action is embedded in a futuristic reality, full of chaos and conflict. The title guard is an organization dedicated to the maintenance of peace – it is comprised of the best soldiers, scientists and adventurers. Over the years she has done her job without fail, but over time her power and influence began to decline, and in the group itself began to split. At the time of the Overwatch, the group is in complete disarray. Humanity still needs heroes, and it is up to the shoulders of players to fulfill the obligations of the guard.

Story of game

Production is set to multiplayer, but at the same time it offers a storyline, both in the universe’s history and its characters. We know it in a series of short films and additional material provided by the creators. Fun on the PC platform Windows is reduced to dynamic fights in six teams. The tempo of the skirmishes is very fast, and the dynamics of the clashes additionally increase the character’s mobility. Emphasis was placed primarily on close co-operation and the need to cooperate with companion weapons was a sign of any success. This assumption reflects the modes of play. For example, in Payload, one team must deliver an explosive charge to a certain point on the map and the other to prevent it. At Point Control, one group attacks the checkpoints, while the other must keep them in check. In both modes, single wolves are unlikely to survive and are quickly eliminated by the opposing team. Starting a game, we choose one of the available characters, but we can change it freely during play – each death is an opportunity to choose another hero. The authors took care of the great variety of heroes, starting with the mighty Reinhardt, who were able to punch their opponents in the wall, to the Hanzo’s bow, which lessens the strength of the climb. All heroes have a large set of special abilities and therefore each of them has a different set of experiences. Contrary to the initial fictions of the fans, Overwatch on PC Windows is not a free-to-play game. Purchase of production gives you access to all the heroes, maps and modes that the list is going to add in the future.

The giant known as Blizzard has just woken up. After a late reaction to the boom of the MOBA game market, the American company again dictates conditions. The first successful production of the heroic shooter genre has a great chance of winning what League of Legends is proud of – an unrivaled leader in its category – and all the “perks” involved: huge popularity, thousands of spectators on eSports Tournaments and … profit margins. Today, Overwatch download is one of the most original FPS games of the last few years, which, among other games of the genre, stands out with its refined gameplay mechanics, blood and bone characters, and an eye-catching comic book graphic. Overwatch is the first brand new Blizzard brand in seventeen years. American studio is not without a reason all over the world a lot of diehard fans – it is known for releasing almost the same hits. His first shooter also does not disappoint. So, get your keyboard, mouse and possibly paddles – the new king of networked FPS is just sitting on the throne and will not go away soon enough. The most popular network games have one common denominator: simplicity. League of Legends is one map and one mode. Hearthstone is an easy to master card. In World of Tanks, we shoot enemy tanks in the same locations. This does not mean, however, that these are banal productions or quickly bored. Their rules are simple, but achieving them in the championship proves to be a great challenge, which motivates them to return to the title permanently. Overwatch is the next Hearthstone evidence of how well Blizzard did homework. Americans have prepared the product to be truncated out of unnecessary additions. It contrasts with the recently released Battleborn, whose creators, trying to make a game for everyone, have done the game for … anyone.

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PC Downloaden Game

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