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Another popular series of survival horror, over which are the responsibility of the Canadian studio Red Barrels. This time the players go to the region of Supai, in the state of Arizona, where the main character – Blake Langermann – and his wife, Lynn, trying to unravel the mysterious death of an anonymous woman. Cases are gaining momentum when the marriage is split – to make matters worse comes to light that located near the village inhabited by violent cultists. Outlast 2 is a survival horror developed by independent Canadian studio Red Barrels.


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Description of the game

Production follows the path defined by the previous installment in the series and does not introduce revolutionary changes in the scheme gameplay – still the player is cast in the role of game, which hunt opponents, and survival requires not only avoiding contact with the enemy and detect, but also to escape from enemies . The title was released among other things, on the PC platform Windows, becoming the lists of species aces, led SOMA, Alien: Isolation and the extremely warm VII adopted Resident Evil: Biohazard. Although the game itself is not financed through Kickstarter, marked its presence at the site in a unique way – the developers started because fundraiser dedicated diapers, which ultimately failed. Outlast 2 takes place in the region of Supai, located near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The main character of the game is Blake Langermann – journalist and cameraman who tends to the place with his wife – Lynn – in order to solve the riddle of the mysterious death of anonymous women; it is not known whether the victim of a murder, or for unknown reasons decided to commit suicide.

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Story of game

Establishment of action occurs when the helicopter aboard which traveled marriage is a disaster, and Blake and the other half are separated. Soon it comes to light that located near the village inhabited by violent cultists who believe in the great strides approaching the end of the world. From now on, the task of the hero is to find Lynn and escape from this grim place. In Outlast 2 on the PC platform Windows action is presented from the perspective of first person. Pillar game is exploration – in contrast to its predecessor, the production offers open areas, after which the prowl armed opponents. Opponents are so dangerous that the protagonist is not able to meet them any resistance – must therefore sneak behind them, hide behind the elements of the environment or even in the midst of the corn and, if necessary, to flee. Fortunately, with the help of elements come freerunningu – ward copes well to jump over ravines, rolling around and climbing, which often saves his life. It is worth mentioning that the authors looked into the issue of artificial intelligence that cares about the natural behavior of pursuers – in the case of successful escape his victims seem confused and do not stop in her search, rummaging through every corner of the vast site.┬áThe only “weapon” with which the protagonist can make use is the camera. Compared with its counterpart from a previous cycle reads the device is a bit more sophisticated. In addition to night vision goggles equipped them for function approximation and two microphones, so that players can hear footsteps approaching from the left or the right. Although Outlast 2 haunted mainly gloomy atmosphere and climate zaszczucia, found a place here also popular “jump scares” or moments in which Blake is suddenly attacked by an angry adversary. It is in such moments makes itself felt yet another novelty – the hero wears glasses that can fall to the ground, resulting in blurred images and significantly impaired visibility.

Do you like to die of fright? Long brooding over opening the door to the next room, where it can crawl out of mortal danger? You are thirsty severe climate? In that case, you should fire Outlast 2, the demo yesterday was made available on Steam. Good horror always lacking, especially those frightening in a more sophisticated way than the monster pop from every dark corner. The creators of Outlast 2 apparently is not afraid of the quality of his latest work, because the trial version they release a few months before the actual debut, which will take place only in 2017. Do you really get a strong deterrent decided to check personally … The story outlined in the demo version draws a very enigmatic, because in about a twenty escapades we learn only that a team went to investigate the mysterious case, but during the flight there was a tragic accident. The man beyond doubt survived the crash, while a woman … hmm … hard to say. It moonlit night, around offering only the corn fields and the eerie mist. Stunned by the fall, miraculously saved we go to seek help … Oh! Is there a farm! We walimy the door, but no one opens, but you can hear strange noises, whispers and shouts. I feel that someone is watching me. Suddenly something flashed in the bushes, I saw the silhouette of a man … although I’m not sure if it really was a man. God Almighty! I think I died and I was in the vestibule of hell … Aaaaaa … So begins the adventure. Outlast 2 will present a completely new story – instead of going to a mental institution to get a complete shithole, a haunted farm mastered by a satanic cult, consisting sacrifices. The views are sometimes indeed quite gruesome, because encounter among others heap of eviscerated corpses, blood-drenched cradle like. There was no leniency or softness. The atmosphere is really hard, you can see also a strong inspiration prose H.P Lovecraft, especially when we are in open scenes. The decaying wooden buildings, almost smell musty, whispers in the dark … well everything fits, the tension builds steadily, and small scarecrows only turn up the spiral. Then begins a bumpy ride no hands, the danger is taking shape and you need to … move.

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