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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Download game

A popular series of racing games is back in the new ultra-arcade edition that came out of the well-known Burnout series of Criterion Games. The whole refers to two parts of the series with the same name and represents a new approach to the topic of chasing the police. The authors have developed an extensive campaign in which we play both as a policeman and as a fugitive driver. There was also a multiplayer mode. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the next installment of the well-known series of racing games launched in 1994 by Electronic Arts. This time, one of the most profitable brands in the history of electronic entertainment has come the Criterion Games studio, which we know from the console crazy Burnout.


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Description of the game

As always, the fastest and most fashionable licensed models appear in the game. Hot Pursuit refers to two parts of the series with the same name and represents a new approach to the topic of chasing the police. In the game we get an extensive campaign, in which we play both as a policeman and a fugitive driver. The authors did not present an elaborate plot, as they believe the races themselves are more important. Careers on both sides of the “conflict” on the road are made up of several dozen challenges and scenarios. The gameplay itself is an arcade driving model, spectacular scenes and shots and special skills. Cops may for example set up barbs and lockers and refugees interfere with radar work. An important element of Hot Pursuit in Critetion Games Edition is multiplayer mode and integration of the game with the network. The Autolog system is an all-in-one solution that collects information about our results and puts it together with friends. This allows you to quickly find new forms of fun – for example, try to break a record just a few minutes ago by another player. Autolog also lets you share pictures and movies from races, post comments, or make a date for a game.

Story of game

After the release of All the Week with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and PlayStation 3 Game Review, we decided to test yet another PC edition. Is it as good as console? We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our assessment. It turns out that unfortunately the PC version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is not as good as the console. Mostly because Criterion Games did not really take into account that the computer as a gaming platform was different from consoles. It has more capabilities, but it also needs other solutions. This time, Hot Pursuit on PC on one side is a great and very playable production, but at the same time does not allow for advanced configuration of graphics settings. In fact, we found more shortcomings in this title. They do not spoil the pleasure of the game, but they are and so we decided to inform them. The sign of the present times in the growing industry is that recently evidently, personal computers as gaming platforms are treated with a grain of salt. For several years consoles have been shaking electronic entertainment in the world. This is where more games are produced, including many exclusive titles, and those productions that are supposedly cross platform, often on consoles appear before. As if there were very few situations where the market debuted simultaneously on all three major platforms, but the biggest problems anyway are with the PC version. Of course, this is partly the fault of the computer as a platform for playing. This is not a “closed” device, there are hundreds of thousands of combinations available for hardware selection and configuration, which can cause some problems. But it can not be hidden that it sometimes happens that it evidently the manufacturer puts the proverbial “cane” on the computer version of its production. That’s why we decided to take a look at the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in a completely different way.

As you well know, just two days ago in the has published a review of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit version of the PlayStation 3 by Marcin “Marcellus” Sikora. In order to avoid repeating everything that Marcin wrote, and with which I fully agree, I decided to skip some basic points in my text, in which my opinion is identical to that of Marcin. So I will not mention more about issues such as police equipment or describe the content of Hot Pursuit garage. My goal is to focus on issues where I have a dissenting opinion and aspects that are important for the PC version. Ready? So we move. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is back to the roots of the NFS series and cut off some of the modern trends reigning in racing games. I do not know if you have paid attention, but in Hot Pursuit there is not only a lot of times mentioned in the story, but also, for example, recently put in practically every game of racing the ability to “withdraw time”. Criterion Games by creating Hot Pursuit have shown minimalism – they wanted to not overload the production with too many elements, especially to make it really simple and ideal for relaxation. In the end, many players are expecting this from arcade racing games. All you have to do is take a moment to get acquainted with the players’ opinions to find out that their solutions have as many supporters and opponents as they are. No feature during the game, I evaluate positively. The last few NFSs were overloaded, and often it was mediocre quality, so it was good that Criterion decided to cut off this trend. The case is much simpler – career games are divided into the police section and the part intended for the racers. This makes it much easier to start Hot Pursuit for a moment to take part in one or two competitions and return to the action.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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