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Another preview of one of the most popular sports video game series. Production again allows you to lead basketball teams from the NBA and beyond. As for the title as usual, the studio is Visual Concepts, and the publisher is 2K Games. NBA 2K17 on Windows PC is one of the hits of the famous NBA 2K sports video game series. Just like the previous parts, this was created by the well-deserved team of Visual Concepts, and the publisher’s side was taken over by 2K Games, which included Borderlands, Sid Meier’s Civilization, and BioShock. The production has been released in two versions – the regular and branded Kobe Bryant Legend Edition.


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Description of the game

The mechanics of the NBA 2K17 game have not changed much in comparison to last year’s release. So it is a basketball simulator, trying to accurately reflect the real struggles of the NBA league teams, but not only. In the production appeared several national teams: the Dream Team, the US team in 1992, the 2016 team and the Australian Boomers, the team representing Australia. The game offers standard modes, including a fast game or online meeting, and additionally allows you to play with MyGM and MyLeague, allowing you to not only participate in further sports matches, but also in a variety of team activities, such as drafting. In addition, players can modify a number of visual aspects of their teams, such as changing logos or costumes. Among other elements is the face recognition system, which appeared in the series for the first time in NBA 2K15. Both its debut version and the one made available in the next section were not bug-free and often played instead of the virtual counterparts of the players, creating various strange creatures. However, the system has been refined and the latest version works just better.

Story of game

Without the competition, without the fan behind you, but with the in-game fans base, NBA 2K17 download does not drop the flights and we get the best basketball position under the sun again. If not the best sport game at all. The success of the series is largely based on not sat on the laurels. To take care of every detail, experimenting where necessary, but always with care for quality. This year is similar, although the changes at first glance is not much. We get a product that will be a great fiesta for all NBA fans. For all the other fantastic propositions to try to fall in love with this American league. Many of this year’s changes appear in the game itself. The creators decided to remodel a little control system, somewhere else to lay down accents in terms of ease of doing certain activities, and added a lot of new animations to make it all plugged in. At first glance, it has been evident that work on the dribbling system has been worked out, which has often been used to divert animations in the event of a combination of moves, while at the same time placing a barrier between the defender and the attacker, in such a way that the best players can go in front of the opposing team No balls or even mistakes in the steps. Now all the wits are connected together perfectly, though it is harder to do and you have to really care about the timing. This combination gives us the best tool that allows us to gain and use space. Creation of additional space on the parquet also involves the improved model of throws. Just as with dribbling everything is nicer together, and finding the area, even the little one we’re running away from defenders, makes a huge difference. Last week, many NBA commentators wondered if the style that the NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors, looking for a place on the perimeter, playing the lower bounds, and slamming threesome time and time again, was another great revolution. The creators of 2k17 are convinced of this and can see it after the fight for distance shots. Space and pace are reigning this year.

This obviously has a direct impact on the rest of the game. Although the only negative consequence seems to be the accuracy of the application. Because our players are often heavily covered by their opponents, and the automatic submission system is quite inaccurate, the first couple of matches, before we get used to, can result in losses. The solution turned out to be an exact indication where the particular icon indicates to us whose hand the ball hits. In general, I also got the impression that it is now harder to cross the boundaries of an opponent, and if we do not have a superstar in a team that will solve the strikes individually, then we need to work hard on tactics. Using the above in the match has always been one of the great achievements of the NBA 2K series. At our fingertips we had access to general defensive and offensive arrangements, more detailed play directly from the coach’s book or to create their own schemes directly referring to specific players. Of course, this is still going to be found in the game, but it is covered by a new options system. And although at first I thought “for what?” And lost in some options, then over time you have to admit creators right, because access to individual options is faster and more intuitive. As in the FIFA series, there are options in this game that many people will not even touch. By focusing on your favorite part, we will get a fragment so rich that it will take us a multitude of time so that others may remain undiscovered. Whether we are dealing with a managerial / managerial career, playing card games or taking the path of a single player to the top of fame, it is necessary to appreciate the amount of work put by the creators everywhere. Last year, MyCareer mode, which created our alter ego to rise to the top of the sport, was, in my opinion, the weakest for years. Spike Lee’s hard-hitting career path was forced to listen to quite a few stiff and tearful stories with a constant squeeze of points for new skills, training and matches.

NBA 2K17 Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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