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Another preview of the popular sports game series from Visual Concepts. Production allows you to direct all NBA teams and more. Developers have developed a number of different modes for singles and multiplayer. NBA 2K16 for PCs is the next installment of the famous series of sports games created by the team Visual Concepts, known from the previous parts of the cycle, and also produced such as MLB 2K13 or NHL 2K10. The developer belongs to 2K Games, which is one of the most important publishers on the market. Its portfolio includes such brands as Borderlands, Sid Meier’s Civilization and The Darkness.


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Description of the game

The latest version of virtual pc The version of virtual basketball is practically nothing if we put it together with editions on the PC and Xbox One consoles. Production uses the same technology, contains the same game modes, and so on. Actually, only in the graphics setting can you see slight changes. The NBA 2K16 game is not very different from what we had in the NBA 2K15. Fun is therefore a simulative character, but at the same time it is reasonably accessible to those who have not previously dealt with the Visual Concepts series. Of course, the developers took care of various improvements, including those related to controlling players. Naturally, this is not all, as new classics have also emerged, as well as a number of minor improvements. NBA 2K16 for Windows PC platform offers a variety of single and multiplayer modes. Among the most important are MyTeam, a fun way to collect cards with players, trainers, etc. and build a dream team. In 2K Pro-Am we also create our team and we play it on the web.

Story of game

There is also a career as a MyCareer player, starting as a junior high school basketball player and developing into a big NBA star. In turn, MyGM is a classic sport known for other sports games. In this mode, we choose one team, becoming its manager. As a result, we lead it throughout the season, buy new players, set tactics, and so on. The NBA on the PC Windows platform has seen some graphics improvements. The creators focused not only on the overall improvement of game presentations, but also on details such as basketball shoes. In production we deal with different types and models of shoes. In addition, the fans in the stands were better mapped, receiving, among others. Modified behavioral animations. NBA soundtrack matches DJ Premier, DJ Mustard and DJ Khaled, who have compiled a set of songs from Nas, The Ramones, Jeru the Damaja, Wiz Khalifa and Fergie. In the production of NBA was attended by famous American film director and producer Spike Lee, who collaborated with MyCareer. Thanks to this, we have received an interesting feature line, which deals with topics such as sports, such as contracting. Production is being promoted by several players – Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and James Harden of the Houston Rockets. In addition, the game has a special edition with the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.

Steve Kerr was a year ago coach of the Golden State Warriors, which for the fans of this team turned out to be all-embracing news of what the NBA championship title was. It is a bit worse to have fans of the basketball series from 2K Sports studios, because the new duties of the former player did not allow him to participate in the recording of the comment. Captivating word struggles with Kevin Harlan are giving way to a new duo. Greg Anthony in what he does is obviously fantastic, but many years old fans will sound strange. This change is symptomatic for NBA 2K16 download. For years, the creators have put the question: what change in the game so close to perfection? And every year, they introduce elements that change the image or service more or less, in a sacred place, but leave the core, which ultimately decides the acceptance of the title by the fans, and can not fall below a certain level. And it does not drop. Editing from 16 in the back is the essence of the essence of the game, one of the best hits in recent times. The refreshing of the physical engine so that players naturally interact and move on the pitch deserves applause, because now something that was already a mark of quality in sports games delights with new strength. The players do not slide on the floor, they are aware of their position on the pitch and on the opponent, and the game looks very realistic. There are changes underneath the mask. Defense has now become much more effective and not only because of the indicator of how well we are aligned with the attacking player. Plays and entries under the basket that are well pledged are much less likely to hit. More often, there are blocks or intercepts. Everything went in the direction in which the attack really needed to be thought, to seek clean positions and to play tactically. Incredible kicks have now become the domain of absolute superstars in a given field, making them a real treasure, and the day of their lack of a nightmare.

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PC Downloaden Game

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