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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Download game

The second full-fledged version of the medieval series, which combines elements of action, strategy and RPG. The title brings a whole host of enhancements, from tutorials and character wizards, to improved hairdressing, trading and crafting, to a visually enhanced visual layer and functional editor. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is the second full-fledged version of the popular series, combining elements of action games, strategy and RPG. The authors of the prototype and its numerous additions – the Turkish studio TaleWorlds – are responsible for the title.


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Description of the game

The game was set 200 years before the events of Mount & Blade: Warband. The place of action is a powerful power in the land of Calradia, whose ruler died, leaving no successor heir. In the state there was no casualty, and numerous trading groups, nomads and mercenaries appeared on the trade routes. Fortunately, in our threatened fall, our protagonist appears and his task is to find himself in a complicated political situation and to rule over the knightly gentry courts, restoring the land of old glory as the leader of one of the six available factions. The general assumptions of Mount & Blade II do not differ significantly from those of the previous part, so the storyline is only a background for an extremely rich gameplay. The gameplay has been re-divided into two main aspects: strategic and arcane. During the fun we move along the vast virtual map of the land, which has a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 230 square kilometers. In the surrounding inns we rent wars and adventurers, and in the villages we buy food and drink for our branch.

Story of game

In addition to performing the storyline and the mass of secondary missions, there are of course many battles in which we stand at the head of one of the fighting armies, watching the action from behind the commander’s back. The second part of Mount & Blade is also a whole lot of improvements and modifications that give the game even more sandbox character. Significant improvements have been made, among others. Character wizard, allowing you to modify virtually every element of the face and appearance of the hero. The game introduces us to an improved tutorial that has become much more dynamic and addictive than its predecessor. A lot of work was put into the combat system and the fortress. In battles we can issue more precise orders, and when attacking castles use the siege machines and destroy some elements of the walls with them. The improved intelligence is also enhanced by a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that enables our warriors to make their own decisions and move quickly to the battle where they will be most needed. Other noteworthy improvements include greater individuality – each has its own history and expertise that may be relevant to the whole team. The game world is full of life and the people are busy with their daily duties and a variety of other activities. Calradia’s map also featured interesting places outside the cities and fortresses. The game has greatly expanded the capabilities of managing our assets, and introduced an autonomous trading system that takes into account demand and supply, enabling additional tactics. The whole is complemented by an extremely elaborate crafting system, thanks to which we can forge a unique sword, deciding on its appearance and parameters.

My adventure with the series started late, only with Fire and Sword, that is in 2009. It was a real craze, after returning from work for the afternoon in the grocery store, I sat down at the computer, played until four in the morning and eight in the classroom … It was times. Later, however, I made up and stand and Warband, and then also Napoleonic Wars and the Viking Conquest, not to mention dozens of mods. The game developed over time, but it still felt very inadequate. The Mount and Blade core did not allow for as many mods as we would like. Ultimately, it was rather a playable prototype. A brilliant concept that enjoyed immeasurably, but above all it stimulated the imagination. It seems that at the time of Bannerlord we will finally get the game that M & B was supposed to be from the beginning. When will it happen? In one of the interviews we learn that maybe this year, but it will depend on the progress of the work. At Mount and Blade we will return to the well-known quasi medieval land of Calradia. But this time we will visit it two hundred years ago, in the era of the partition of the great empire. This has, among other things, justified the emergence in the game of female warriors, who historically had more life in earlier medieval periods. Although the game world remains fictional, the creators remain realistic and do not intend to add magic and other supernatural powers to heroes. There is also an official map of the game world. We have prepared a small comparison of the game area with Warband and Bannerlord. World maps are a little different in shape, so the comparison is not 100 percent accurate. It is quite clear, however, that in the two we will have to raise much more land. As the creators admit, the battle system in Mount and Blade 2 will not change significantly with “one”. They did not want to fix something that was not broken and focused on fine cuts and improved animation with motion-capture technology. This is good news, I do not feel there is a better digital fencing and better horse fighting model on the market. But there are bad sides of this solution, creators do not see a way to allow two weapons of the same system within the combat system. We can now hit two or more enemies simultaneously, if our weapon is of course big enough.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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