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Sports manager with strategic elements. The player takes control of the starting team and runs it through a Formula 1 championship. His tasks include managing the team, budgeting and supervising the drivers taking part in the races. Motorsport Manager is a sports management strategy where the player heads the racing team and leads it through the fictional Formula One championship. It’s one of the most realistic production of its kind, designed by an independent developer Playsport Games led by Christian West, Over Geometry Wars Galaxies and Joe Danger Infinity. The title was originally released on iOS and Android mobile devices, and later on the PC version.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

During the races, the role of a player is reduced to establishing general tactics and making specific decisions that affect the end result of the struggle. For example, if during the last few laps the storm is unleashed over the track, the player must make the choice between losing valuable seconds to tire replacement and the risk of riding on old ones. The realism of the Motorsport Manager is that the user does not have any special skills or bonuses, so the competition resembles much to what we are dealing with on television. Team management is also an important element. This is down to hiring drivers and technical crew members, investing in new technologies and continually improving the car. The player also spends a lot of time looking for optimal car settings and developing the most effective pit-stop strategy. The foundation of all fun is the economic system, forcing a smooth budget and proper balancing of revenues and expenses. Motorsport Manager on PC Windows platform is characterized by attractive graphics in high resolution, making a very good impression especially during races. The eye also enjoys a refined user interface.

Story of game

I certainly will not be the only one if I tell you that racing love has instilled in me Formula 1. But I’m not impressed with the direction he’s been heading for almost a decade, and I’ve seen only a handful of races through that time. So if after two days spent with a heavily inspired F1 game, I have a 26 hour timer, then it must mean that the developers have done a good job. This admission could be enough to say whether Motorsport Manager is worth buying – at a price of 135-150 PLN depending on the store, the price-to-play ratio is one of the best deals in the entertainment industry. But in turn … The game Motorsport Manager debuted on mobile phones, gaining popularity so big that the serious publisher of SEGA decided to move it to computers, extending its portfolio, which already includes the Football Manager series. Although behind the desktop version of Motorsport Manager stands a completely different Playsport Games studio, anyone who has had an episode with a football manager in the past, will feel at home. In addition, the gameplay is pleasantly smooth on any device, even if you take it on a laptop trip with integrated graphics. Manufacturer of official F1 games Codemasters tried to create F1 manager and killed. F1 Online, although very well constructed and heavily playable, killed the same as all the free-to-play segment games – the creativity of the creators. At Motorsport Manager we will not see anything of this nonsense – buying a game we get a full product, in which we can immediately take on the best team in the stakes, without the need to laboriously build up his small team, after many seasons finally get a better contract proposal. In order to lead a small team to the top, you do not have to wait a few days to complete a part or building, looking at the message saying how many coins will cost acceleration of this process. Just click here. It is worth pointing out, however, that Motorsport Manager does not offer any multiplayer functionality, whether we want to compete with one another, or to lead one team together, for example by caring for drivers on the track.
Motorsport Manager is a Formula 1 inspired game and you can see it at every turn. But if the logo of the series was signed, it would almost certainly have all its cool elements – several different series, driver transfers, team investigations and departures, calendar changes, or patches. Starting with the posture, in the career mode we can choose to lead one of three series – the World Motor Sports Championships, the Super Cup Asia and Oceania Cup and the European Series of Racing. While the first one is strongly reminiscent of Formula 1, the rest is difficult to fit into a particular series, so they can be considered fictitious. The whole is a hierarchy and championship series give rise to a higher rank. This is not the most realistic, but in this way we can lead the weakest team in the world championship. Creating such a hierarchy would certainly not be possible in a licensed title, as does a large number of small tastes that can be discovered for a long time. What do you mean that the equivalent of Nico Rosberg was presented as a woman, Sebastian Vettel’s equivalent bears a massive beard, the equivalent of Carmen Jordy complains that his lack of beauty is not present in any commercials, and the boss of all series is bald on the name of Ernie? Taking control of one of ESW’s weaker teams, we will quickly see how much thinking and how much discipline it will require. Of course, you can take the lead in designing the best possible parts, and with aggressive strategies to win a few races, but following this path, we will quickly languish, the factory will not keep up with car repairs and improve reliability, and the president will tell us to release the best people because there is no money anymore. You can also try to skip the problems and commission a part of the illegal, but when it is discovered, we will lose the position on the track, and some will be confiscated and withdrawn from use, leaving us with nothing.

Motorsport Manager Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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