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Metro Redux is a package of postapocalyptic first-person action games in the Metro series, released in editions adapted to the capabilities of eighth generation hardware platforms. The kit includes Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, as well as a set of accessories for them. Metro Redux is the combined edition of two Metro titles. This is the 2010 FPS series, set in the Metro Universe 2033, a grim postapocalyptic world created by Russian writer Dmitry Głuchowski. The set consists of two productions that have been enhanced to use the capabilities of the eighth generation console: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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Description of the game

The first of these – Metro 2033 – was originally released in 2010. Its action takes place mainly in tunnels of the Moscow subway, which after the atomic annihilation has become a haven for survivors. The main character is young Artem, and the plot of the game is closely related to a book published in 2005 with the same title. We explore underground recesses, fighting scary mutants or trying to cross between them. Though not defective, the title has been appreciated by critics for its exhilarating climate, as well as interesting solutions on how to show events and ideas on available gear. The second game included in the package is Metro: Last Light of 2013. Again we play the character of Artem, but this time we leave the tunnels to explore the destroyed land on the surface. The creators of 4A Games have taken heart to the criticism of the prototype, resulting in improved combat mechanics, more open locations, and the implementation of multiplayer mode. Metro: Last Light has been hailed as one of the best games of 2013.

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Story of game

Personally, I did not look very well for the constant refresh, especially when developers prefer to prepare Sleeping Dogs, instead of giving the players a long awaited follow-up. But Metro Redux is an example of proof that refreshing does not have to be a senseless attempt to get rich on what the players once did, and re-discovering the already-familiar production of the new technology can be really exciting. Because I already know Metro 2033 I already knew. And that’s pretty good. And yet, I could not quite look at how Redux changed the individual locations and how the game managed to make the game look fantastic again. Of course, it was not a prayer or a supernatural force, but the hard work of a team of several dozen people who had been working on a new version of Metro 2033 for months. In fact, the entire game was re-created and moved to a new engine by Metro: Last Light. Throughout this operation, the creators did not spoil either playability or climate. For those who have not met Metro 2033 yet, brief summary. The story tells of a twenty-year-old Artem – a young stalker living in the tunnels of the Moscow subway. It was here that the population of 40,000 gathered to seek refuge from a nuclear attack, and it was this metro that had since become their home. But it’s not safe here. Individual stations, functioning as separate entities cooperating with each other at the economic or political level, are attacked by various monsters created by radioactive contamination. On the surface you can not live at all, and moving requires the need to set up a special oxygen mask, and underground more and more difficult to withstand. It was the intensified attacks on the native station of Artem that made the youngster go on a trip that aims to save his “home”. Of course, the story is based on the novel by Dmitry Głuchowski.

Gameplay is a combination of action game shooting. There is a lot of fighting sequences here, we rarely cross fire with hostile people, there will be paranormal sequences or the ones where we travel with draisine, and our job is to carry out effective firing. For genre-standard games. But Metro 2033 had something that was no longer standard for similar productions, and the refurbished version of the Metro 2033 Redux can boast that. It’s about climate. Dense as smoke from cigarettes that surrounds a person and does not leave until the end of the tracked history. Penetration of the dark nooks of the metro takes place in constant fear and a sense of danger. We know that we are not handing out cards in this battle, and unwillingly we have become an active participant whose main task is not to devour. There are not many stocks, especially if we start the game in Survival mode. This is new to Metro 2033, because at the beginning of the game we have two modes of play. Survival is harder, with deeper immersion, reduced HUD, and limited access to ammo, pharmacies, and supplies. All this makes us even more afraid of each clash, because after all the ammunition is not too much, and practically every magazine is worth the weight of gold. Unlike Survival, Spartan fun is much more dynamic. We have more ammunition, so it is easier for us to decide on a frontal attack on the enemy and to engage in more exchanges of fire. I do not have any specific data available, but when I went Metro 2033 Redux in this mode I still had the impression that I play more easily than when playing with the original part. I had plenty of spare time – I found more weapons, ammunition and military carts that were currencies than I needed, so I felt more confident. This is by no means a charge towards Spartan mode, on the contrary. I am going to finish the game in both one and two modes, because they give a slightly different feeling of play. Survival is more survival horror, and the Spartan lies much closer to the typical shooter.

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