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The third installment of the cult series of gangster action games, which takes on a veteran of the Vietnam War, seeking revenge on the murderers of his mafia family. The game is a clear shift towards sandboks├│w likes of GTA, offering a complete non-linearity of the game. In the game, improved model for fighting and driving and introduced the possibility of illegal acquisition of interests hostile groups. Mafia III for Windows PC is another scene recognized series of third person action games, created by the studio Hangar 13, composed of former employees of 2K Czech.


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Description of the game

The first part of the series, titled Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, was released in 2002 on the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox and personal computers. The title was warmly welcomed by environmental players, but its continuation had to wait until 2010, when it saw the daylight Mafia II designed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PCs. Production was good, albeit a controversial position That Caused mixed reviews among fans. This did not Prevent the company 2K Games in the liner of money for the production of three. About her first heard in August 2012 when the sources of the Czech Eurogamer today Announced the start of the game Mafia III. At the official announcement we had to wait, however, until July 2015. Production in the PC version, as well as many other multiplatform projects, does not differ radically from the console editions. It all boils down to a better quality graphics, unless of course the user equipment meets the requirements of production. In terms of gameplay and content we are dealing with the same game on all platforms.

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Story of game

The game Mafia III for Windows PC was set in 1968 in the fictional city of New Bordeaux, modeled on New Orleans, and the main protagonist is a man named Lincoln Clay – a veteran of the Vietnam War, belonging to a small criminal organization. His group was, however, betrayed and the people closest to him brutally eliminated, and therefore the theme of three is to make revenge on their torturers companions, and in particular the person Sala Marcano, who is the Don of the Italian family responsible for the massacre. Interestingly, in his mission Clay will be able to count on the help of other bosses of the criminal world and his allies will join Irish mobster Burke, proving Haitian gangsters Cassandra and known the second part of the Mafia Vito Scaletta. Although action game from the beginning of the series took place in open worlds, the third game in terms of gameplay approached quite competitive to the Grand Theft Auto series. Streets were filled with a number of non-core activities, which can be addressed in the intervals between successive missions, but they all have a significant impact on the story. A very important novelty to the previous views of the series is to introduce the possibility of illegal acquisition of interests hostile groups. After weakening the position of the local mafia boss can attack his headquarters and take ownership. Captured lands can then pass the possession of one of our colleagues, called lieutenants, thus gaining access to the various types of bonuses, for example. To call a meal, which will help in the fight with rivals or the option to bribe law enforcement officers to stop the chase. Passing further the interests and, consequently, our neighborhoods subordinates associated with another interesting mechanics, aimed to give the voltage occurring in the criminal groups. Well, our lieutenants may react nervously when the pass too much power their competitors, which can lead to conflict.

The player must therefore reckon with the fact, that at some point will have to quell a revolt in their own ranks. It has also been vastly extended range of options for the main character. Equipped with Lincoln include, among others, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, machine guns and grenades, but at the moment the hero can only use two types of weapons. In the game, there were also the possibility of using shields and dynamic combat, including options brutal stun enemies. Not without significance for the game is also the possibility of conducting fire while driving, the model also significantly changed – now it is more arcade than in the previous parts. The Mafia III on PC Windows developers decided on the combined health regeneration system. Life bar divided into several segments, which regenerate, if not depleted to zero, and when this happens remains for us to use the kits. In contrast to the previous two views of the cycle, in which the predominant threads adventure, Mafia III is quite clear shift towards sandboksowo┼Ťci, even proper GTA series. In spite of belonging to the company Take-Two Interactive, developer benefited both teams but only with original solutions, both in gameplay and technical issues. Mafia III is a production intended for only one player. Developers do not took care of any multiplayer modes, but compensated by the lack of an extensive campaign, a series of fringe activities and other attractions. Mafia III for Windows PC is a game of average quality graphic design. During the game, there is no shortage of various special effects, the mission held at different times of the day and during various weather conditions. The creators of the most wanted to give the climate of the time, so in addition to a number of flavors associated with the style of the city, their two cents adds the soundtrack, the creation of which was used songs from the past, including: The Animals – House of the Rising Sun, Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son, Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower and The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black.

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