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Created by Polish studio City Interactive RPG action, embedded in the ancient world in which humanity killed an ominous god. The creators put the main emphasis on creating an addictive game mechanics. One of the authors of Action Interactive City Interactive is Tomasz Gop, co-creator of the hit The Witcher. Dynamic action RPG, targeted at mature players. The gameplay focuses on fighting, developing character traits, completing inventory and exploring the environment. Much emphasis has been put on adapting the mechanics and storyline to our individual game style.


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Description of the game

Tomasz Gop, Co-creator of The Witcher, who soon after the release of Geralt’s second adventures, left CD Projekt RED. Gop served as the executive producer and developed the mechanics of the game and the overall concept of the game. The world presented in production is an ancient land where thousands of years ago mankind rebelled against the tyranny of god and managed to kill him. His body gradually changed into a mountain chain separating the north, inhabited by the civilization of mage-priests from the south, home to warriors. The player chooses from three classic classes – the warrior, the mage, and the assassin. In addition, each character has the ability to follow the path of magic or combat training. Our choice depends on the ratio of the two factions in the game to the protagonist. Depending on the chosen tactics, we also get a variety of items. The enemy defeated in a magical way will drop a spell or artifact, and the opponent killed by conventional weapons will leave behind a weapon or armor.

Story of game

When CI Games and Deck 13 Interactive announced the creation of an action-based RPG based on the Dark Souls combat system, many gamers feared that the clone would produce the clone. They did not believe that the Polish company, which recently released a few mediocre or average titles, is able to produce a game at a truly high world level. And yet – Lords of the Fallen is a very good game. Executive producer Lords of the Fallen stated in one of the interviews that the game was about the same as Dark Souls. The essence of fun is an intimate and tactical battle in which the player must watch closely the enemy’s actions and learn his behavior. It is important to have a good sense of torque to lock the shield and strike out. Usually we face one opponent and occasionally face two or three opponents. As in Dark Souls, yes in Lords of the Fallen, clashes are arcane, but in CI Games they are much slower. Why? For a simple reason. It is hard to cite a game in which the differences between the weight of individual weapons, shields or armor would be as dramatic as in the Lords of the Fallen. Whether we fight with a giant sword, run a knight in heavy armor, or roar with daggers, it translates into the style and dynamics of the game. Interestingly, the behavior of a given weapon is influenced by its weight, not the capacity of the character. So there are situations in which the hero armed to the teeth to eliminate opponents in the blink of an eye with a light sword that deals great damage. He must do so, because when enemies tried to attack him, he would not be able to escape.

You must praise the authors of Lords of the Fallen for not putting too many objects in their work. You do not need to successively empty your inventory to make room for newly found armor sets, swords, axes or other weapons. This does not mean that the game is poor in content in this respect – using the found things you can easily adjust the style of the game to your liking. A very nice, aesthetic addition, there are also cards of individual items of equipment that are in the inventory. Made with great attention to graphics and descriptions with the most important details, you can really compare and view the items you really have. In addition to the smaller opponents in Lords of the Fallen, we also meet ten different bosses. The number does not seem very impressive, but each of the monstrous adversaries is unique – you have to face both knights, me and scary monsters. Most of these types of opponents change their behavior and tactics in successive stages of the duel, which introduces the element of surprise and makes the combat very exciting. For example, the First Guardian, who appears at the very beginning of the game, shuts off his armor at a certain point of the battle, and ends up losing his shield, grabbing a huge sword in both hands and causing much more damage. Successful bosses are also able to surprise and the key to success is not only the use of physical strength, but also the development of proper tactics. Lords of the Fallen is characterized by a high level of difficulty, but it is a fair game and gives you great satisfaction with progress. CI Games along with Deck 13 have developed a gold medal, which makes the fight more absorbent and demanding, but not frustrating. At the very beginning, there was not a very elaborate tutorial that introduces the nuances of the gameplay. Thanks to it, you can learn the basics of the mechanics and notice that every encounter with an opponent requires not only sensation but patience. Production is therefore affordable for everyone, but novices can over time refuse, because some parts have to be approached repeatedly. The fact is that the control points are quite common and we can redeem treatment potions with them, not giving up the killed opponents.

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