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Virtual playground in the world of LEGO bricks. Another production of Traveler’s Tales offers a set of tools that allow you to design your own constructions, landscapes, characters, vehicles, etc. Also, LEGO Worlds can meet other players and exchange their creations with them. LEGO Worlds on PC Windows is a multiplayer network game that involves building your own design, exploring the world and interacting with other players – in a virtual sandbox. The title is responsible for the Traveler’s Tales studio, the authors of the popular video game series, using LEGO bricks. This time we do not land in a film or comic universe restored from Danish blocks, but we create our own world. For this purpose, developers have made available a range of tools that allow for arbitrary shaping of the terrain and the construction of clever blocks.


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Description of the game

You can also create characters, matching the various elements of dress and appearance. In addition to the works of users, the game world fills the towns and villages and procedurally generated undergrounds. What’s more, you can enjoy the whole set of LEGO blocks existing in the physical version. You can move around on board a variety of vehicles. Airplane, hovercraft or gigantic drill – and on horseback rides – classic horses, less classic bears and ostriches, and even fire-breathing dragons. Of course, not everything, because according to the spirit of the game, means of transport can also be designed by yourself. There are many secrets and hidden treasures to discover in LEGO Worlds. By traversing the game world, you can also come across hostile characters with which you fight with different weapons – from melee weapons to rocket launchers. Players can meet in the virtual world, playing on the Internet. In addition, the projects you create can be saved and shared with others. LEGO Worlds has a distinctive graphic style. The world and characters are built from virtual LEGO blocks, so there is no photorealism here. The creators have taken care of nice light effects and shading, as well as a dynamic day and night cycle.

Story of game

So far, the production of TT was based on licensing – the crew took the movies, made comics and made pretty neat adventure games even fun for those whose physical Lego are around as much as last year’s snow. With the presentation of Lego Worlds, the situation has changed, because this time our game is going to be a kind of virtual “sandbox”. What is the fun in a real sandbox? We have sand in matter, we have a box of play, probably some props and tools, and … we can do what we want. We want to stick the sandwiches, we stick. We want to bury our friend in the sand in the sand – we bury. The goal in itself is fun and not the pursuit of some more or less defined “bunny”. Lego Worlds is practically the same. The creators gave us a sandbox. Huge sandbox, because the action is taking place on randomly generated planets based on quite diverse biomass. Planets of different sizes, differently shaped, differently populated. Everyone can find a play area that suits him. The creators also gave us tools. Fortunately, they are not buckets, shoulders or rakes. We get – or rather our human avatar – hands-on equipment that allows us to virtually change the world around us by building from single blocks, modifying the terrain, copying the elements that particularly appealed to us. The possibilities are enormous and if only we have patience, we can move to Lego Worlds even Sosnowiec. From the real sandbox, Lego Worlds is different, one key element. Going out to the court and heading to the playground, we have most of the elements needed to play at will. The game is slightly different. Initially, our man can not even bring a piggy pig or plant the most ordinary flower. With time, however, with the scanning of further elements of the environment, the array of possibilities begins to open wider and wider. To see it in full glory, however, you have to give up chasing the proverbial bunny. At Lego Worlds, there are blocks that we just have to get in the world.

So we are looking for golden blocks that will unlock very useful equipment and let our space rocket power up to explore bigger and bigger planets. Wherever possible, we are looking for blocks from which we can then build what will only come to our minds. Initially, you can only select from several types of elements, the simplest ones. The search is unfortunately tedious, because it is terribly repetitive. The best source of the finders is to be scattered around the planets of the box. Everything would have been ok if not for the fact that they were scattered in the geological ages of the surveyed planets, and most are hidden deep beneath the surface. In order to quickly acquire more blocks or equipment, it is necessary to drill the hole in the ground to reach the crates as quickly as possible. It is a pity that more entertaining approach to the topic is not so effective. If the catching of the Psittacists and performing the tasks for the encountered characters was a little more interesting, perhaps the matter would look different. Unfortunately, Psotniki I met most often on the way from one hole to another …. The task for independent heroes was not better. I rarely paid attention to them, because in the time needed to search the area or recall that on another planet I saw something I needed for a human on the current visit, I could dig up two or three more boxes. It is a pity that tasks do not involve the player more. Taking pictures with the right elements in the frame, fighting the monsters, planting the wheat or building a tree house does not get boring and boring faster than tedious boredom. Well at least that Lego Worlds is pleasing to the eye. Apart from problems with the distraction of distant landscape elements, the whole is presented quite nicely, and the dynamic lighting only adds to the glamorous world of charm. This is not the only well-presented element of Lego Worlds. Randomly generated worlds live their own lives. They are full of people, animals, creatures, buildings, forests, scrap yards. In the area there are usually plenty of other means of transportation – and I am not deliberately speaking about vehicles. The world is alive and has the spirit of earlier, thematic views of Lego. The details are not missing, and every moment it is evident that the creators also took care of trinkets, which theoretically more attention we do not return.

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PC Downloaden Game

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