Kursk Download game

Kursk Download game


Kursk Download is an amusement about an atomic fueled Russian submarine that was lost alongside its whole team in the year 2000. Right now we are revolved overwhelmingly around graphical assets and on delight mechanics. In spite of the way that we are up ’til now prototyping a lot of stuff, we are starting at now content with the results and we see a significant measure of potential in them. We have to clean all essential features toward the beginning of change – quality first and our goal is to impact a diversion that to will be an incredible and immersive experience.


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Description of the game

This is the principal diversion we’re doing on account of PC and consoles. Without a doubt, a portion of our past titles were accessible on PC, for instance on Steam, however how about we not overlook that versatile diversions are not ready to contend with items produced using scratch for work area stages. Steam was producing some additional income for our organization, yet we were completely mindful that on the off chance that we need to prevail on PC or consoles we require something unique. What’s more, this is the reason KURSK is such a great amount of various in matter of spending plan, mechanics, visuals, sound, narrating et cetera.

Story of game

I don’t concur with such conclusions. It may sound self important, yet I believe it is anything but a matter of KURSK, yet of the whole gaming industry and where we need it to be in the following years. I trust time has desired amusements to recount genuine stories. Also, I’m almost certain KURSK will appear if so. All things considered it would be a disgrace if diversions just spotlight on fiction or unadulterated stimulation. As a man who experienced childhood with recreations I expect more from them and I’d love to have the capacity to encounter genuine stories through my most loved medium and not just through motion pictures or books.

The truth of the matter is that there has not been this sort of item available and who knows, perhaps KURSK will present another classification called “narrative amusements” or will be one of the main titles of such kind. I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that in a couple of years an ever increasing number of engineers will endeavor to recount genuine stories. Genuine occasions have more enthusiastic significance and can start some critical dialogs – for instance for this situation on the possibility of ceaseless combat hardware and where it will lead us. Other than time doesn’t stop and the way we impart is especially not quite the same as it was previously, so specialized techniques must keep pace with these progressions. I’m almost certain youngsters want to play amusements than to peruse books and you can’t point the finger at them. Be that as it may, this is the reason diversions ought to likewise be centered around genuine points.

Precisely the inverse. What we do mean by “true to life encounter” is the way the amusement will be coordinated, its environment, narrating and stuff that way. Be that as it may, the gameplay will offer you a considerable measure of flexibility, full control of your character, the likelihood to interface with numerous articles and individuals, you will likewise have the capacity to investigate nearly the entire ship. Indeed, even cut-scenes will be less customary in light of the fact that we need it to be as immersive as could reasonably be expected. One could contrast our amusement with Heavy Rain in this issue anyway KURSK will offer substantially more flexibility with regards to mechanics. It won’t be a point&click diversion, however a nonlinear undeniable first-individual viewpoint experience survival amusement with stealth activity, incredible discoursed and numerous special highlights. In any case, what’s considerably more imperative – in our amusement every one of the mechanics are there to recount a genuine and interesting story, not the a different way.

From the earliest starting point our objective was to have a valid storyline. In the amusement you play a covert agent who needs to gain top mystery information on VA-111 Shkval supercavitating torpedoes. Around then it was a progressive innovation and just Russians had aced it, such a significant number of nations, including United States, were leading solid knowledge exercises in this area. We didn’t need the hero to be an individual from the general team, since it would sound somewhat gullible. Kursk was taking an interest in a substantial scale maritime exercise, so there were additionally individuals from outside – five officers from seventh SSGN Division Headquarters, and two plan engineers. The hero is one of them. By no means. While an extensive piece of the diversion will to be sure occur on leading group of the ship, we need the strain to assemble gradually. The player will partake in a few occasions previously entering the Kursk. One of such areas will be Vidyayevo, a shut military city in Russia. This place is very exceptional and to a great degree charming, so going by it ought to be an intriguing knowledge.

Kursk Free PC Game

Kursk Free pc game download

PC Downloaden Game

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