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Continuation of the fight Not true: Gods among us in 2013, in the fight against DC comics comic book stall. For production only NetherRealm Studios team, known primarily from the Mortal Kombat series. Injustice 2 is a direct continuation of the events of 2013 Injustice: Gods among us, the warm welcome of the 2.5D fight, developed by the team NetherRealm Studios Рauthorization of the bestseller cycle Mortal Kombat. Like the previous one, the title hit the desktop and mobility platform. Injustice 2 is in the universe created by DC Comics. After the events of the first installment, the task of Batman and his companions is to rebuild society.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

On the other side of the barricade, however, Superman and his allies, and the chaos that prevails on Earth, is being exacerbated by new threats on the horizon. Released on PC platform Windows Injustice 2 is a bizarre brawl in which we can take control of the dozens of heroes created by DC Comics. In addition to Superman and Batman, we play Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Green Lanterna, or even Scarecrow. We roll in a variety of arenas, located in Atlantis, Gotham City and Metropolis. Clashes are dynamic, and the key to success is skilful use of the strengths of individual players and combining attacks into spectacular combinations. The most innovative feature introduced by developers is RPG elements – during the game we collect new items that influence the look of the character and their combat potential, increasing their strength and endurance. In addition, as we progress, we gain access to new Talents that give us the edge at the battlefield. Injustice 2 can be played alone and in the company of other players. Network multiplayer is present not only on mobile devices but also on desktop platforms – in the latter case it is also possible to play on a common screen. Regardless of the platform, the Injustice 2 graphic design presents a high level of performance. Attention is drawn to refined models of characters, as well as rich in details of the arena. Complementing all this is a warm-up soundtrack.

Story of game

I do not often reach for a new fight, I have the opportunity to jump into the role-playing mode, which will take me a few good hours. And that’s exactly how my adventure with Injustice 2 started and that’s exactly how I start recommending this to anyone. NetherRealm Studios again invites players to a 4.5 hour story that is loaded with fights and action. The adventure was set exactly 5 years after Injustice: Gods Among Us – scriptwriter decided to continue the Batman story with Superman. However, the clashes of the Defenders of Gotham with the Man of Steel are not prime events because Earth has a much bigger problem. Brainiac has decided to join our collection of our planet, so all the heroes must stand shoulder to shoulder to defeat the “Cerebral”. History is certainly not the best story in the DC universe, but certainly the best adventure created by the Ed Boon crew. From the first to the last minute, I was happy to learn about events in which the layout of the presentation has not changed – we are watching well-made videos that are dynamically moving into battle. NetherRealm Studios has already presented us such entertainment before, and all in all, they show one thing – this story is a perfect addition to the fight. It is intense, threads are interesting, and players have the opportunity to try many characters. You have to be aware that this is not the most important mode, and only the introduction to the real game, so I encourage you to familiarize yourself with it in the beginning. The screenwriters clearly did their homework, took lessons, and even jumped to a new level because the story was not one-dimensional. It is great to introduce some characters into the game – you wonder what the Joker is doing here or what is wrong with Scarecrow? Quietly, the creators came up with really good ideas that were realized with the head. At the very beginning there is a greater threat, but even in the face of such a crisis, warriors do not forget that they have crushed their murders a few years ago. And because of this there are still friction between them, which color the main thread – a nice treatment is also the ability to select in several scenes the character we want to play duel … It is difficult to talk about great changes in the game, but the authors even managed to prepare in this way. Additional termination.

At Injustice 2 we fall into the plethora of characters that have managed to harness. Some are more important, others play an episodic role, but the mode fulfills its most important role model – it turns out an interesting story, allows you to incorporate and thus try out many icons, and also throws a little light on the events of the “one.” Now I can better understand the motif of Superman’s actions, which has given him a new face. It was because of this guy that I swallowed the feature mode in one go and wanted only one … More. In this situation could the story be longer? Probably, however, NetherRealm Studios managed to maintain the optimal balance between the length and the pleasant gameplay. The scenario is charged with action, it does not bore from start to finish and it all ends in a good time. When I saw the final subtitles, I decided to check the next modes. The main dish in the production for many will be the Multiwersum. If you were playing Mortal Kombat X, you definitely associate the Living Towers, which this time took the form of planets. Batman has his own unique equipment that allows him to explore different worlds and thus help the inhabitants. As with towers, places are also available for a set time, so some may not even notice the available tasks. Clashes are interesting, the developers re-color the duels by throwing special abilities to them, reducing their strength, increasing their speed, removing special powers, blocking jumps, or allowing new characters to be tried. Probably for many weeks we will discover the various “tastes” here hidden, because earlier production studios have shown that the team likes to splurge. I do not hide that I have spent most of this time in this place, because “multiuniwersum” allows you to get the fastest time … New fatales. Yes, the biggest novelty is the production of System Gear, which literally dresses heroes. From time to time after the end of the battle, we randomly pick up a random item that does not necessarily match the hero currently represented. The creators have reportedly created thousands of individual shoes, hats, gloves, or several color schemes, so fans of the collection will find here fun for dozens of hours. I usually do not belong to the types collecting various gadgets, but in this case … I stumbled. It is great to pick up a costume that fits the hero’s appearance, and in addition affects his stats. I’m settling down the network maniacs of duels – although during the rivalry we see new clothes, but they do not affect the strength or character capabilities. Of course, in the other modes of costume, but after spending a few hours with the game I get the impression that healthy balance is here, because we always have a choice. During the game we collect one of several currencies, for which we can buy matrices in which we find another equipment. In addition, in the “multi-dimensional” there are challenges for which we collect items. This is a self-winding spiral, but you do not have to participate in it.

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