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Hurtworld is oriented multiplayer sandbox simulator survival, exhibiting typical genre mechanics, emphasizing elements of survival. Deserves credit system for the protection of players, equalizing opportunity between new and experienced players play, as well as a system of penalties – according to which the more players we have on the conscience, the more valuable items we lose in the event of death. Hurtworld is focused on multiplayer, survival sandbox simulator for PC Windows, combining typical of the genre mechanics with several copyright solutions for PvP. Featured title is the first major production, founded in 2012, the independent Australian studies Bankroll.


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Description of the game

The game’s story is limited to the minimum necessary without thereby departing from the standards of their own species. Controlled by the player character goes on a vast desert plain, where its main and only goal is to survive in a hostile environment. Mechanics gameplay Hurtworld pretty much like another prized Sandbox Rust. Depending on your preference, we can observe developments from the perspective of a primary or third-person, and the party comes to the exploration and collection of raw materials and other materials that will allow us to build a solid place to hide and create a whole bunch of useful tools and weapons. The whole focus in particular on aspects survivalowych, and the most important factor necessary for survival in extreme conditions, is to meet the basic needs of life of our character. Controlled by our hero must, above all, regularly eat and drink, but it is also exposed to other dangers, such as fatigue, radiation and changeable weather. The game did not lack, of course, fight, during which we have to face not only the creatures living in the countryside, but also to other players, lying in wait gathered our resources.

Story of game

Hurtword was designed from the ground up for multiplayer co-op or PvP. As in many other productions of this genre in the game so we can work together with other players as you explore, climb various structures and fight, or fight the hostile participants fun. Particular emphasis is given the peculiar system of protection of players, equalizing opportunities between experienced and novice players. The latter start the game in a relatively safe zone on the edge of the map, while the old timers cling to rather its center, where you will have greater challenges and more valuable resources to find. A kind of curiosity is also used by the developers of the system of penalties, under which players having to answer for killing more competitors in the event of death, losing more valuable items than aspiring participants have fun, who are in the same situation they can even keep all equipment gathered so far. Released on the PC platform Windows Hurtworld characterized by aesthetic, although the average graphic design, not deviating significantly from the majority of similar production. A particularly noteworthy, however, that the creators of the studio Bankroll prepared several highly diverse biomes – the heavily snow-covered forests north to the tropical areas of desert and equipment extremely useful in one biomie, another may even kill us. Additionally also taken care of rapidly changing weather conditions, day and night cycle, as well as the ability to build and exploration by vehicles.

The titles, which at first glance resemble “running simulator” created from about 2-3 years like mushrooms after the rain – every month brings us a few such games added to Steam Greenlight, waiting for his chance. In early December, appeared Hurtworld, which in a few days exceeded nearly 10 000 players online. What is this game? At first glance, most players will tell you that is a clone of the popular mega Rust, who has gained steam over 100 000 ratings. There is some truth in this – Hurtworld is based on a similar idea, in which the player is thrown on the “beach” and is designed to survive. The difference is the attitude of developers to the players and the more “hurt” climate – kill us can not just another player, but also animals, weather, temperature, pollution, or even spoiled food. Hurtworld within a few days of release on Steam lived to over 1,100 good ratings, although it is a title created by a small studio. What this game has strengths and weaknesses? We’ll see. Despite the designation “alpha” Hurtworld should start on most appliances without major problems – optimization of the release date on Steam satisfied when the good old already i3-ka and 660-weaves quietly gave the council the game at 60 frames per decent settings. In contrast to the created Rust in this title already on a good day we have a vehicle, system temperatures and changing weather effects gameplay. Is Hurtworld have any disadvantages? Although the developers almost daily adding little things and improve survival bugs that unfortunately does not have a system “discover” objects – creating a crafting table to discover that if objects are few. Many people also disappoint the world – though wrongly – in the early promises to be a great desert, and in fact spawn system is more complicated. The player is reborn on the dry coast, to then travel deeper into the map, where you will find more and better resources, more aggressive creatures and other biomes require better equipment.

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