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The sixth edition of the cult series of action games with the border skradanek and shooters with a killer known only as Agent 47. Hitman is detached plots from the previous parts and has more sandbox nature of the game, with larger areas of activities and significant arbitrariness in the choice of mission. Moreover, it was released in a model resembling somewhat episodic adventure. Founded in 1998 in Copenhagen studio Io-Interactive is known pecetowym players thanks to productions such as Freedom Fighters, Mini Ninjas and somewhat controversial series of Kane & Lynch. The first of the four missions is genuinely exaggerated. We are in Bangkok again at the lodging seen uncommon for scene 4, and we need to discharge two cultists who have the challenge to discharge a sort of shocking torment on the world, in any case in spite of the enchanting story, the Mission is truth be told to a great degree common in most interchange perspectives. Not exclusively was the execution of the level amazingly standard, yet there were fascinating sound issues that kept things under control, we heard regions of discoursed between two characters who were on a story exceptional in association with us for instance. Our first concern was that since the refinement in association, quality control had slipped, yet luckily things began again beginning there. 

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Description of the game

The biggest success of the developer and at the same time the longest drop-game series turned out to be a series of Hitman, tells of the adventures of the title assassin code-named Agent 47. In the period 2000 to 2015 Appeared in a total of five full-fledged series of hits: Hitman: Codename 47, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution, and also two mobile spin-offs and package Hitman HD Trilogy. The latest installment of the series titled simply Hitman, which is intended to emphasize the creators were primarily specific restart the cycle and return to his roots. The inventors have used here rather unusual sales model, offering the game on release only part of the final content. Available players was given one locations with the first mission of the campaign narrative. Other locations were made available and in the coming months, in the form of additives DLC – levied depending on the selected options: free or for a fee.

Story of game

As in all previous series Hitman, the game takes place again in the form of a paid assassin code-named Agent 47. In connection with the brand new, open formula gameplay, the game will not find the traditional, rigid layer narrative that requires action in a certain manner and sequence. During the game, the protagonist visits an extensive six locations spread all over the world, where he realizes further orders that make up the story told in the game. First violin playing here, however, each minifabuła associated with a particular order, and the thread connecting all the main campaign missions develops only in the final episodes. The whole forming together the first season of the new adventures of Agent 47, and the authors have already announced two more. In terms of gameplay, released for Windows PC Hitman is the next step in the evolution of the series, combining the best practices of her previous hits with highly modernized mechanics fun. The most important novelty here is the introduction of an open world, specifically a few large sites that, in addition to the main players on waiting still a lot of challenges, and optional activities related to the story. Individual missions have also become more complex and clearly longer and their performance can take up to several hours of fun. Our main task is, however, liquidation traditionally defined objectives, and the game allows you to perform the many possible ways.

The second mission made us audit Sapienza for the third time (the significant mission of the battle being the first, and also one of the two cards reused in the Summer Bonus Episode), in any case a large portion of the move made place close to the dock and genuinely long course from the basic district that players will have investigated help despite what might be expected side of the city, there was not all that much “this feels understood”. The mission was not to an incredible degree astounding, despite the manner in which that we anticipated that would sit tight for a specific occasion to occur before making a move, adding another estimation to the strategy.

You can engage in open conflict with the surrounding our goal keepers, but the most scored here are much more subtle methods of action, such as entering the place of action in disguise, conducting sniper attacks, sneak around between guards with a gun with a silencer and a garrote, mock accidents , the use of poisons and so on. it should be emphasized that in contrast to previous series of hits, our protagonist can not take on a mission too many items, which forces players to accurately prepare for a mission and plan several alternative methods of action. Additionally, the game was abandoned with some famous predecessor of simplification and artificial intelligence guards has been improved, so that more often they react to any unusual situations in their immediate surroundings. In addition to the standard campaign mode in which we realize further goals fiction, performing orders in several large locations around the world, the creators also prepared an additional game mode called Contracts. The single, network contracts in which players compete to obtain the highest score point, is known even from the previous cycle reads. In the latest installment of Hitman he went on, however, a certain evolution, and in addition the following standard contracts made available to players within the framework of free updates in the game there are also two completely new types of jobs. The first group is escalation – five successive, increasingly difficult task to perform. The second new contracts are elusive goal that can not be repeated in the case of failure or if your character dies during a mission. Each task main storyline campaign also offers a number of challenges, encouraging the player to re-execute the task in a different way. In technical terms, released on the PC platform Windows Hitman download uses the potential of the engine Glacier 2, known from the game Hitman: Absolution. In connection with change series at eighth-generation consoles, but it has been suitably tweaked to take full advantage of the latest hardware, and the result became, among others, improved quality of textures and visual effects, as well as the possibility of a much greater interaction with the elements of the environment. It is also worth noting that in the original version of the game, the voice of Agent 47 again lent David Bateson, associated with a series of Io-Interactive since its inception.

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PC Downloaden Game

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