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Hello Neighbor is a first-person skilfully designed PC, in which we direct the ordinary inhabitant of one of the detached houses, trying to sneak into the cellar of a suspicious neighbor. The property owner is alert and able to learn the tactics used by the player and invent ways of neutralizing them. Hello Neighbor is a Windows based non-standard stealth game with FPP views. The game was developed by Dynamix Pixels studio. In Hello Neighbor, we play the ordinary resident of a small cottage in the suburbs, who is beginning to suspect that a neighbor who lives in the neighborhood is hiding a monstrous mystery.


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Description of the game

To confirm these assumptions, decides to sneak into a neighbor’s basement. It will not be an easy task as it is vigilant and if it is provoked, it will not go away to nothing to neutralize the threat to your privacy. Released on Windows PC platform Hello Neighbor is a action game belonging to the sneaky category. The main element of the game mechanics is advanced artificial intelligence allowing the neighbor to remember the player’s moves and predict what he will do in the future. Avoiding detection – necessary to achieve the purpose of the game – becomes so much more complicated, the more often the player picks up a similar path, wanting to go next to his neighbor. The most frequently selected paths are quickly overgrown with traps, obstacles, and alarms. The player may use lures to distract the neighbor’s attention and influence the environment in such a way as to make it difficult for the antagonist to detect the hero’s presence in his home.

Story of game

It serves a lot of physical objects with which it can interact, making loud noises on the TV or radio, and the ability to lure a neighbor into the traps trapped by him. Hello Neighbor provides access to ascetical inventory where a player can temporarily store important items. If you find that you do not lose valuable prizes, you must escape with the tools to your home. Otherwise, in addition to restarting the level, all items disappear irretrievably. Hello Neighbor was built on the basis of Unreal Engine 4 engine. The authors put on colorful graphics in cartoon style, which creates an interesting contrast with the disturbing atmosphere of the gameplay. A small team, a small budget, a small publisher – and a great idea. Here are the foundations on which to set up Hello Neighbor, the independent skinhead-horror studio Dynamic Pixels. Aim: To provide the modern player with not only a well-made, original production, but also a fresh approach to the topic of artificial intelligence. In the role of revolutionary AI: an ominous neighbor living across the street. In his spare time he is watching Brazilian telenovelas, studying others’ mistakes, and – probably – experimenting with people. Our home was given the opportunity to be filtered by access to early alpha production. Below you will find everything you need to know about this mysterious gentleman. The artificial intelligence of Hello Neighbor is based on the fact that it memorizes the path the player has taken, creeping into the neighbor’s house, and, in the next approach, filling the pile with fake obstacles.

This treatment is to force us to take another, more creative way after we are caught. By the way, it also serves as the loudest slogan of advertising production, emphasizing its breakthrough. In practice – and at least for now – it does not make a staggering impression, mainly due to the surprising predictability of the tactics SI pays. So if we start infiltration several times from shutting up at the entrance door, we can be sure that next time we find them closed. Namely repetition of such conduct will lead to a situation in which the verandas will be guarded by the neighbor itself or a set of loud traps. On the other hand, when several consecutive turns are devoted to passionate forcing another path, soon and she will mate with many sophisticated distractions to help catch us in the act. Finally, fun comes down to skilfully juggling different approaches in such a way as to outwit neighbors’ minds, find a loophole in the plan he devised, use obstacles to his advantage and get into the dreaded basement secret. So if artificial intelligence is to turn out to be truly groundbreaking, developers are faced with the daunting task of teaching them to use the available obstacles in such a way that it really feels like anticipating future player moves and turning the house into a real maze where any ill-considered movement can end in capture. . Art is as simple in theory as it is in practice, because the range of variables that SI would have to take into consideration to reliably simulate thought processes in relation to planning requires enormous investment. Work – maybe too big for a small, independent studio. Probably for this reason the neighbor has a handful of remedies that he tries to “surprise” the hero. Nevertheless, creators seem to have no choice – if they want to make SI the main reason for buying a title, they have to improve this aspect.

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