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Another part of an extremely popular series of crime games, this time playing in the title Vice City. The action takes place in the 80’s and is located in a fictitious city modeled on Miami. The game offers a large open world, after which we can move on foot or vehicles and a variety of tasks to complete. Grand Theft Auto Vice City download is another part of an extremely popular series of crime-fighting games, and literally, a kind of development of the previous part – Grand Theft Auto 3. The action takes place in the 80’s and is located in the new Vice City. City, to which Tom Vercetti is sent by Sonny Forella to do “order” with the gangs, Cuban gangsters and corrupt cops. As a matter of fact, we considered how Rockstar North would before long bring a sentiment of reasonability and combination to another city. Test won. Moved clearly by Miami and Florida, the nonexistent city of Vice City, disengaged into two islands related by two or three platforms, shows up as expansive if not more than the three segments of Liberty City. If the play zone does not show up 2 to 3 times greater than in GTA III as it murmured, Vice City is at any rate greater than Liberty. Emphatically, much the same as the case a year prior, it isn’t possible to acknowledge expeditiously the city totally, contrary to what demonstrated a couple of bits of chatter. However, access toward the west float will be given quickly, after twelve missions honestly, and there will be to a great degree enough to pass Minos and his maze for a little banjo player. Regardless of Liberty City, which helped us to recollect the colossal American scattering plans, while verticality, Vice City feels the Latin effect, the dealt with place with a history of shameful behavior, and if one doesn’t make tracks in an opposite direction from the tremendous douse tomahawks, the amount of back ways, labyrinths and peculiar corners has been changed upwards, especially in excellent districts, for instance, the Haitian and Cuban neighborhoods. 


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Description of the game

Tommy Vercetii arrives in Vice City to finalize the drug business. After arriving at the agreed place and starting the standard procedure for replacing the “dumps” with cash, so far quiet meeting is broken with a series of shots. Hackers from an enemy gang not only kill three members of the meeting, but they also take away goods and money. Tommy miraculously comes to life, and this is just the beginning of his problems. After contacting our boss – Sonny Forelli, it turns out that our hero must return the stolen items as soon as possible. The world that appears to our eyes can not be disappointed. Graphics not only are much better than GTA3, but also much smoother, even on weaker hardware. Game for: Athlon XP1700 +, 256 DDR and GF4 Ti4200 with maximum resolution of 1600×1200 with 32 bit color – it’s nice to see :-). Detailed models of buildings, vegetation and people are the first to catch a glance. Just to direct your eyes to the sun or wait until it starts to darken. It is only the evening of Vice City that discovers the richness of this city. Brightening the urban dark lanterns, nightclubs and shops, the lights in skyscraper windows, traffic lights, starlit sky … it’s a must see for yourself. The whole effect looks even better in the rainy weather. Colorful advertising and car lights reflect on wet roads, the sky lightens from time to time, and around the light sources can be seen blurred glow. Rain is the only precipitation we can deal with, and it’s hard to be surprised, and then the snow in Miami, during the summer, would be a bizarre weather anomaly. Improving the appearance of a city during a bad weather is a real masterpiece. On the screen, there are droplets of rain that naturally run down and melt. The drops falling from the sky and the general mood of the droplets themselves, so that during this weather you simply do not want to leave the roof of the car.

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Story of game

GTA has made great strides in presenting the organic life forms of the city. Vice City residents represent different social classes that can be distinguished, among others. On the basis of their clothes. We meet so many tourists, shopping women, gang members, businessman suits, policemen, old men, women of light customs, roller skaters, drunks, homeless people, etc. live. This wonderful land, as it turns out, is not only beaches, residential areas and rich commercial areas with skyscrapers. Sometimes we will visit the slums or the port district. In this respect, the city is truly diverse. At the beginning of our adventure we will not be able to get lost in the city crowds. The map that details the two huge bridges of the island, on which the gangsters will come to live, will be useful. The loudly announced access to the most important buildings in the city was not a mere boast. There are not as many buildings as we would like, but those that are open to the public will certainly not disappoint. It is worth mentioning, for example, about a huge airport or a multi-storey shopping mall, with escalators, shopping people and security guards. On the city, for example, we can go to the store, where the show showed the latest model of the motor. Nothing is obstructing to knock out the glass and just bend the latest model of the racer. Well, I talked about motorcycles, so it does not work so I do not develop further this thread. As I mentioned, in Vice City we have the opportunity to ride what we missed in Liberty City – two wheels. There are five different models of these vehicles available: scooters, harley, crosses and chasers. Their appearance in the game is a real breakthrough in the automotive industry. With these nimble vehicles we can get to places where the tires of the car will never hit. Also new suicidal acrobatics are opening up.

The emergence of motorcycles, however, did not cause a recession in the car industry. Vice City rides a dreadful number of about eighty cars and all sorts of vehicles. All have their own unique look and driving dynamics. They also enjoy such details as a moving car suspension called the Voodoo. As you can see the original names are missing, but the average devotee of motorization will certainly recognize in the street stops Porsche or Ferrari. The vehicle itself has become more interactive. From now on you can kill passengers by shooting through windows, piercing tires or destroying parts of the car. As the vehicle is demolishing, it becomes hot and explosive, as was the case with GTA3. The only way to escape was to escape from the burning car while it was moving. In Vice City this was solved by adding the ability to jump out of a rushed car. In addition to standard vehicles, we also sit at the helm of a helicopter, a golf cart or a motorboat. Each machine is designed for other working conditions, eg on the beach we do not ride as freely as the dedicated jeep for this purpose. The entire Vice City is governed by seven competing gangs whose members can be identified on the basis of their clothing, cars and neighborhoods. During the mission we will be in contact with each of these groups, which will not always work out for us. Not only do we have enemies; In the streets continue to listen to the sounds of fighting the hate gangs. Criminals also do not like uniforms; In the dark alleys, a police patrol is exposed to bats and mafia knives. I keep on mentioning the types of weapons, so I will not hold on to the lovers of guns any longer. In the game you can find more than 30 kinds of pain relievers. From standard revolvers, machine guns and rifles, through bazookas, miniguns, M16s and flamethrowers to catapults, hammers, flare guns, screwdrivers and chisels. In this respect, the game is really psychopathic and may compete in this category with titles like Postal.

Unfortunate propensity City is a honest to goodness city, no vulnerability about it. The gigantic illustrating, no stacking time please (except for when crossing a platform, clearly), the grouping of its facade and its cosmopolitan people leave babas. Despite the spots like the port, the clamoring district or the CBD and its happy tall structures, this time we find the disco, the ghetto, the green (where it is possible to return just if leave your weapons at the path) and the immense sandy shoreline where local people are skipping. GTA Vice City game download similarly proposes to visit some inside changes, not as much as foreseen, anyway enough tremendous and contrasted everything considered. Between the hotel, the strip shopping center, the living game plan of the Don, the area air terminal and the move club where are gathered the Village People (if!), We go out for a walk around observe people proceed ahead, take their plane or move in joy. Clearly, the opinion of having the ability to put the zizanie at the littlest shot is extremely strengthening, certainly. If we are as yet far from greatly complex circumstances, the Grand Theft Auto course of action goes up against another estimation because of its inside embellishments.

Obviously, one can not envision a tremendously rich city and relinquish nothing on the show or edge rate side. On this side, we remain in the standard GTA III, as such, not exceptional as a rule, yet rather with a hint of smoothness and anything is possible from that point, which is a certifiable execution given the level of detail, high, and the amount of shades refreshed upward. The demanding player will moreover raise that cut-out is accessible and that the surfaces, if they make less setting than in GTA III, are so far associated with the spoon for the most part, and pass gas altogether not precisely the screen catches to be direct. . Excessively horrible, Rockstar North has verifiably settled on the right choice and it is doubtlessly better to have an unfaltering show without certifiable hiccups rather than go to long stacking sessions or superfluous eagerness that would genuinely paddling the redirection. The choice to leave the contrails or not is in any case more troublesome, in light of the way that it is tantamount in some way or another to the choice to leave the delight darken to keep up a 80s shading rendering that set the attitude, or support a show fairly more correct yet now and again obliterated by partner. Excessively unpleasant, the beguilement is starting at now going so far in the combination of spots and gigantism that bows.

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