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The next edition of the bestselling gangster series studio Rockstar North, set in a huge open world city of Los Santos and its surrounding area, modeled on the landscapes of Los Angeles and Southern California. The creators extended the title in terms of the story and its characters, added a lot of new gameplay elements, and also made the game world really began to live its own life. Grand Theft Auto V – the next edition of the cult series of gangster action games studio Rockstar North – takes us to a world modeled on California. In the universe of Grand Theft Auto  state called San Andreas and consists among other things of the city of Los Santos, which is the main place of action on Friday. When creating your world Rockstar once again decided to parody reality known to us, ridiculing ideologies, products, phenomena and human behavior. The creators of GTA V tried for the expansion of its production in every respect compared to the previous views cycle.


PC Downloaden Game

Description of the game

Action Grand Theft Auto V on PC Windows takes place in a huge open city of Los Santos, in which three unusual characters leads a dangerous life. Witness protection program were robber Michael leads a quiet life until the day on which covers his wife cheating on her with a tennis instructor. In anger destroys villa lover, but it turns out that it was owned by one of the drug lords. Michael has no choice but to return to his old profession, attacking jewelery shop. Burglary points, however, his former partner, Trevor Phillips, who finds him and encourages working again. Both heroes joins a boy from the ghetto, Franklin, wishing to earn some extra money quickly a sizeable assets. During the game in the Grand Theft Auto V download PC we addressed all three characters – we can switch between them at any time, thereby changing the place of action. Fun consists in performing a variety of jobs, among which the leaders are the attacks. Before making the jump must include a number of smaller tasks, which consist eg. For the capture of necessary equipment. Then hire helpers, we choose one of two methods of operation and move to action. In addition to the story missions, the developers also took care of many smaller orders. However, they do not descend into the background, as they often thanks to them we learn new information about the main characters.

Story of game

Used language and communication between the characters build an indescribable atmosphere and allows you to better empathize with the characters. Franklin in the Negro district starts almost from scratch, bluzgi pouring down pat, and the specific slang playing laughter mocking stereotypes. Michael, despite barely forty neck is actually retired, begins to get bored all day, a move by the pool, drinking whiskey and cigars popalaniem; it is not difficult to guess how he found himself in this position. Trevor is a complete degenerate, a former military pilot and bandit as it looks. He knows no fear, pity and basic hygiene. Despite the thick of money in the account will continue rocked the redneckami, he drank breweries brand Pisswasser and walked zarzyganym T-shirt. Because I can. With haircut “fin” and huge mustache Trevor looks almost like Waingro of “Fever” of Michael Mann – indeed, as always, most of the key characters is a kind of kalkami best creations acting gangster cinema reflected in a distorting mirror. However, this is not what I wanted. In short, customization is the second name of the game. Apparently we already know all this since the days of the PS2 and “San Andreas”, but now, when again we return to the old, this is no longer really a new generation. Hairstyles, clothes, tattoos and other bajery is fun. How about picowanie fur, which can also tune using the application iFruit on a smartphone? This is just the beginning, because “GTA V” a game so complex that even replacing most of the entertainment would take several pages of fine print. They do not rely on the reviews. You have to know that you will not be bored here, whether entertaining a dancer in his own club, go-go, doing courses smuggling by plane or by observing the impact of their activities on equities that are traded on the stock exchange. Modern gangster at hand your cell phone, which is the tool in contact with the team.

SMS, e-mails, is his daily bread. Cleverly designed device obviously has a webcam, you’ll snap pictures, whether on missions, or thrown on your profile in the Rockstar Social Club, so that others can appreciate the creativity. Hereinafter we stagger in complexity, which fortunately does not mean complicated – the full development of the mission will ultimately select one of the ways of making (most often forcibly, meaning “to ramboida” or cleverly, with a smaller number of corpses), as well as choose the team depending on skills and the plot, which the candidate wants to receive. It is worth to invest in new recruits, because I do not want a lot of money, and their skills develop with success. Likewise, each of our characters is described in several key statistics, such as strength, accuracy, condition or pilot. Each of them can pull up, training and creating your dream team, but a completely new element in this part of the series is the division of roles, which is an appropriate choice of a hero, depending on the task. To another character you can switch to the second, and the mission of these moments usually dictates the game itself. So if we pilot it as Trevor, Franklin check in the shooting, and Michael in the direct action. This, of course examples because each of them represents boys – horror of horrors – a lot more.

Grand Theft Auto V Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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