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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Download game

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the next installment of one of the most popular and most controversial games of all time, in which the player has the opportunity to take on a minor thrashing, and then forming his own criminal profile himself to head the mafia. Another preview of one of the most popular and most controversial games of all time, in which the player has the opportunity to take on a minor thrashing, and then forming his own criminal profile himself to lead the mafia. This time, it comes to us to take on a certain Carl Johnson, who had fled from his hometown years ago in search of a better tomorrow.

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Description of the game

After five years, Carl returns to Los Santos, where gangsters find the world of murder, drugs and corruption. However, the uninteresting city landscape is not the end of bad news; The district in which he grew up looked worse than he remembered her five years ago, and the disturbed family mourns Carl’s murdered mother. At the end of the bad, corrupt police officers are plotting our hero into murder. Welcome to the 90’s in California. The game world is made up of San Andreas, with three cities: Fierro, Las Venturra and Los Santos, between which the player can move. Of course, the cities of San Andreas are not just a bunch of slums and besides the dirty districts, the metropolises also have rich regions where movie stars, politicians and millionaires live. So who’s to steal, Carl knows that, and does not need to act alone as he can recruit people into his gang. The ability to drive and ride our gangs together allows you to drive fierce battles with competing races. The atmosphere of the game itself is maintained in the 90’s, and the phenomenal graphics and music are nothing compared to the novelties introduced into the GTA San Andreas in comparison to the previous part.

Story of game

Series. The biggest one is probably the introduction of a starvation factor for our hero. In order to ensure food, however, does not end, our character, eg through excessive eating, can gain weight. Unnecessary kilograms can be denied, such as regular visits to the gym and increased dose of sport. Another realm of the game world is a greater interaction with urban buildings. It is a very important element of the game to find burglaries and thefts to the apartments, which we have to plan and carefully carry out. There is also a shortage of opportunities to purchase a variety of properties that can earn for us. Among them is a casino where we can pass some cash ourselves. Each city has a size comparable to the entire Vice City of the previous GTA, so there is no shortage of various means of transportation necessary to traverse hundreds of virtual miles. For typical vehicles such as cars, motorboats, motorboats, helicopters and airplanes, joined a good and very useful bike game in the world. Carl Johnson himself, apart from running and running a car, can shoot two guns simultaneously, and one of the biggest innovations in the front – to swim. The positive experiences of visiting the cities of San Andreas are related to the intelligence of their inhabitants, who respond to eg our unethical behavior on the street, or challenge us from fat people when we go out to eat. The creators of the program, as they provide themselves to feel the atmosphere of each of the GTA appearances: San Andreas cities, personally visited them and brought to the game observed there, the specific mental atmosphere. In spite of gangster themes, GTA: San Andreas introduces humorous elements to the plot, making it a must-have item for fans of the series and not yet convinced the GTA world of players.

The gangster undergrounds of big American cities are for the average Pole imagined by marketing speculators exotic world. The streets of the mafiosi and the lives of the ghettos of the 21st century are alien to us, because they represent a completely different vision of reality than we were taught to perceive in the present-day Vistula. The United States and Poland share huge cultural, economic and philosophical differences. From the ocean comes information about the pink criminal world in the United States. The black gangster’s style is a great theme for Hollywood hits, and for bikers with wider trousers it’s a great theme for joking around the country. A gangster with no shirt, with dangling gold pounding on his chest, is driving a LowRider with a full 2pieces set. In a clipboard overloaded gun and eternal waiting for a series of enemy gangster rifle. Nobody has studied gangster life there at Utah University. Such a style of existence and struggle for survival have created the conditions of being in the poor neighborhoods of American cities. Hip-hop has been popularized by living in the West, but able to break out of the lifeblood of the negroes. One in a hundred succeeds, rap is still current, because gangsters underground still exists. Let me tell you a story. The guy called Carl Johnson. Life flew our fate when CJ returned from the migration to old rubbish, to Los Santos. Cause of return – mysterious death of mother. A nasty affair, especially when family hometowns greet in the way they greeted CJ. Already at the airport dogs were seen by him. At first, they robbed, it happens, most of the heavenly rascals. For dessert they dropped him a gun, in a perfidious way trying to get involved in the murder. CJ is a tough guy, harder than he seemed at the beginning of our relationship. He has dreams and most importantly he carries them out. He always has a plan and priorities. Get the killer of the mother, then turn around in the area some business. Personally, I advise him, after balancing the bills, to bring out his black ass as far away as possible. You know what suits me? That he will take this idea to attention. It repeats at every opportunity.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game full version

PC Downloaden Game

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